Night Terrors

765 Words
Ivy I took a deep breath in, as I take look around my surroundings. I close my eyes for moment, the smell of rain before it starts to fall always relaxes me. Suddenly I feel my robe being tugged, I open my eyes and see a dark grey wolf with the different colored eyes pulling me towards the woods, I smile and walk towards the woods following the wolf. The wolf leads me deep into the woods were a small cabin is well hidden. I feel fear come over me about going towards the cabin. When I suddenly hear a voice, it was beautiful and sounded a lot like a lullaby I used to hear as a child. "I'll take thee away to a world of magic..." said the voice. I heard voices coming from all directions I tried to scream for help, but no one could hear me, the Dark wolf who was once by my side was nowhere to be found. I screamed for help, but no one could hear me I feel my hands being tied up. I dragged to town. Suddenly my world became black. I'm still screaming. I felt my whole body shaking. "Ivy wake up, wake up you are having a nightmare again." Said a voice I wake up still screaming and crying "Its okay darling you are safe, I am right here don't worry you are safe." Said the voice as the grabbed me and held me tight. I open my eyes. "Aunt Lilly, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to wake you." I say in relief as I grab onto her arms. "take a deep breath slowly in and out, you are home and safe." She reassured again. I did as she requested over and over again. "I had that dream again, the wolf had different colored eyes. People were treating me like the enemy. The song was there again." I explained as I slowly got back to my breathing rhythm. "Ivy, these dreams are a part of who we are, they could be the future, they could be a past life. Also remember what the wolves mean in our dreams." she said in calm voice. "Well wolves can mean one or two things. They can be considered a good omen for protection or a bad omen meaning death." I answered. "No Ivy . Wolves are bad omens you must stay away from them, they are liars, thieves, they are dangerous to our kind, and above all else in their human form they are worse." She says with a tone to her voice. "Yes, Aunt Lily." I replied. "I'll be right back." She says as she walks out of my room. I got up from my bed and grabbed my journal and began writing about my dream and what I saw in my dream so I can look up the meanings behind them. The wolf in my dream had shown me both of his eyes this time. One of his eyes was white with a scar over it, and his other eye was like an emerald green. Suddenly I heard my bedroom door open again, my aunt Lily came in with a black box with a dark green velvet ribbon. "I was going to wait till your birthday, but I think you are ready." She says as she hands me the box. Inside the box was a silver necklace, with a crescent moon wrapped with silver Ivy vines and a dark green gem in the center. I knew the meaning behind the necklace. Every caster is given one on the eve of their 18th birthday, the purpose of the necklace is to help control magical energy for a year. You see once a caster turns 18 their powers are intensified so the necklace or cain (male casters) help a young caster keep in sync with their emotions so our magic can not cause harm to others. Casters have faught hard and long to show that not all of us are bad. Unfortunately there are bad Casters who want to make sure that they can increase their numbers so they take over. They feel Casters need to be at the very top of the food chain. I gave my Aunt Lilly a hug before she lefted my room. Getting comfortable again i tried to go back to sleep but i couldn’t stop thinking about those eyes. The moment I looked into his eyes I felt safe and that he would never leave, but the second he was out sight my world became black and I felt so alone.
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