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*Trigger warning: this chapter contains physical and s****l abuse, read at your own risk* Ella’s POV He took me to his bedroom. He let go of my hand and went over to his closet and started looking for something. I had no idea what I was doing here. It was the last place I thought he was going to take me to. I was standing in the middle of the room hugging myself while I nervously looked around me. It was a huge room with the biggest bed I've ever seen. It had four tall pillars on each side. “What’s your name servant?” alpha Grey asked. He was finished with his closet and was standing in front of me holding a lot of chains. “Ella” I whispered. “Do your parents work here as well?” “My dad used to be a servant, but he died… his name was Bill” Recognition filled his eyes at the mention of my father’s name. He went to stand in front of his bed and deposited the chains on it. Then he started hooking them up to hooks that were installed at the tops and bottoms of the two pillars at the end of the bed. When he was done, he turned to me and started to walk towards me. Something about the chains hanging from the pillars made things click in my mind and I was about to flee the room. But before I took two steps back, he dragged me to the bed and made me face it as he started to chain my hands and feet. It was useless to fight him, he was a thousand times stronger than me. After he was done, he ripped my shirt off with his bare hands along with my bra and did the same for my pants and underwear. I was totally naked and helpless. I was shaking from head to toe and my heart was beating very loud, people two stories down could probably hear it. He went back to his closet and pulled out a long black flogger whip. “Do you know that the wine you spelled on the floor was very expensive Ella?” alpha Grey said from behind me in a cold low voice. “I’m so sorry, it was an accident, I’ll be very careful next time I swear” I said in a shaky low voice. “You do that next time, but you have to be punished for this as I do not let any mistake slide without punishment. I will whip you 15 times and you will count each one out loud. You miss counting and I will have to start over, understand?” My heart sunk, how the hell am I going to endure 15 whips! He was waiting for an answer and I was afraid if I took too long to answer he was going to increase the number, so I answered quickly. “I understand yes” WHIP! As soon as the words left my mouth he whipped me on my back very hard that I screamed out in pain. It was a whole other level of pain than getting slapped in the face. “Yes what?” shouted alpha Grey “Yes alpha” “Good servant, now start counting out loud” WHIP! “One” WHIP! “Two” I shut my mind off from feeling anything, and was only concentrating on keeping up with the counting as I was absolutely sure that if I missed up, he would start all over again. … WHIP! “Fifteen” I cried the last number in a shaky voice. My face was contorted in pain and my tears were all over my face. I could feel every single one of the fifteen whips all over my back at once. It was on freaking fire. I thanked the goddess that it was over, it felt like hours before I reached fifteen. Alpha Grey was breathing hard behind me. Of course he was out of breath, I thought. He was throwing all of his strength with each whip he directed at my back. All of this over a stupid spelled glass of wine! “Are you a virgin servant?” asked alpha Grey from behind me. No, no this is not happening to me, please goddess save me from this monster. WHIP! “When I ask you a question you will answer me right away servant, understand?” shouted alpha Grey “Yes alpha I am still a virgin” I answer him immediately, panic filling my voice as I sensed where things were going. “Well, we need to change that right away then” said alpha Grey in a manipulative tone. That night was how I lost my virginity, I was sexually abused by alpha Grey. Ever since that night alpha Grey laid eyes on me, the beginning of my nightmare started, and I never thought it was going to end until I die, either by his hands or my own.
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