Character Introduction

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Main Characters:   Name: Allison Park, aka, Allie Age: 22 Status: Human Bio: Orphaned at two when her family died in a car accident, grew up in the foster system, assualted at 18 by college boyfriend, runs away from New Hampshire to Las Vegas   Name: Cynthia Perez, aka, Sin Age: 23 Status: Human Bio: California-born, drug addict mother who died from an overdose when she was four, imprisoned father with three life sentences, also raised in the foster system. Best friends with Allie after meeting her at work   Name: Dorian Shaw Age: 28 Status: Werewolf, Alpha Bio: Bad boy who runs the most powerful and largest pack in the state of Nevada. Strong, powerful, smart, and rich. Unmated. Owns a private security firm that specializes in dealing with the supernatural.   Name: Brandon Kane Age: 27 Status: Werewolf, Beta Bio: Best friends to Dorian since they were little, pretty boy but deadly when it comes to protection. Intelligent, loyal, fast, and rich. Unmated. Owns three day and night clubs that are dedicated humans and to the supernatural in Las Vegas and two in Reno. Name: Michael Rays, aka Mikey Age: 27 Status: Werewolf, Gamma Bio: Best friends to Dorian and Brandon. Hunter and tracker. Expert marksmen, VP of Dorian's security firm. Unmated. 
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