0. Billionaire's Ex-Wife

191 Words
We sat beside each other Inside the deafening car But there is no melody Wasted inside our hearts I always held your left hand While it dangles in the air I know what you’re going to say And I beg you not to say it I want to draw out time, Hours...minutes...seconds But the empty road Only push us forward Our destination is at its end I want to cry I’m so weak, aren’t I? Spending those days Searching your mind To find a single place I never felt so lost Letting you go Is not as easy as it sounds Tears eventually drop And I could barely breathe And in my hands Lays the hankerchief you gave me Shall I use it or throw it away Like you did to my heart From the very start I pretend to be crazy To hold onto you I pretend to not see Those cold empty eyes Intoxicated with the scent of you I don’t want to wake up To find the lonely space Did you even know I’m in love with you
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