Chapter 35

1035 Words

"Siena," Ricci said, not turning. Siena did not respond. She internally chided herself for getting too used to Ricci's voice; the way he said her name it was almost like a sigh. She stepped closer to him. "You made all of these arrangements for what?" "For you." "For me?" Siena scoffed."I never asked you for a ball." "No," Ricci replied."But we are on our honeymoon so..." He turned finally to face her. He was wearing a black designer's shirt and black pants. He had a small beige handkerchief peeking from his breast pocket and his gold watch glittered in the dim light. He had a refreshed look to him even though Siena had no idea whether he had even got a wink of sleep since their arrival. "I also did this for me," Ricci continued. "I wanted to see this dress on you," his eyes ran

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