Cbapter 51

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"I don't trust you," Romero said finally and motioned for some of his men who were standing idly by, around the area."I'll call your uncle and talk to him." "What, do you want to report me to him or something?" Siena asked. "Just wanted to let him know why I'm kicking his niece out of my dinner party," Romero answered. Siena gave an exaggerated gasp."I cannot believe you would do this." "Escort Mrs DiAmbrossi out,"Romero told two men of his that now stood by his sides."Ensure she is at her car safely and treat her with utmost respect." Romero winked at Siena."For old times sake." Siena scolwed as she followed the men out of the hall and outside into the cool night air. The men stopped by Siena's black Lamborghini that was at the parking lot and they turned back and headed for the lig

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