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I'm long awake before the alarm goes off. I'm not excited; far from it. I feel a bit uncomfortable when settling down in new places. By a bit, I mean very uncomfortable. I hesitate deciding on what to wear. I'll be the new girl, so I probably shouldn't go there looking like crap. Now that there's no dress code whatsoever in this new school, the least I can do is try. I wear my favourite pair of high waist black jeans and a long sleeved crop top that I've never worn before. I'm usually conservative but I do have a few pieces in my closet that are, well, trendy. If the little I know about my new school is anything to go by, then I'm dressed just right for the occasion. I settle for chunky ankle boots, and I take time drying and curling my hair. I touch up my face; carefully dabbing my pale cheeks with blush to give them some colour, and I manage to wear eyeliner without smudging it. That's a first. Satisfied, I apply a layer of chapstick on my lips and I sling my bag over my shoulder. School sucks already. * Mom is in the kitchen when I go downstairs. She pokes her head into the living room when I yell goodbye, and she raises both eyebrows as she takes in my dress code. "Wanna go shopping later?" "What, you think I look like crap?" "Honey, you look great. I just think the top is not it." I smirk as I turn to leave. "Do you know how I decide if my outfit is fire?" "If I don't like it?" "Exactly." "No one needs to see your belly button, Bella." "No one can see my belly button, and I can assure you I'll find worse outfits at school. Those kids wear whatever the hell they want. I'll stick out like a sore thumb if anything." Mom uncertainly shakes her head. "I'll be anxious until you get back." "Don't be. I'm sure they don't bite." "You're not gonna have breakfast before you go?" "I'm running late. I'll get something at the cafeteria." She doesn't push it. Truth is, I'm having weird butterflies in my stomach at the mere thought of being the new kid all over again, and I honestly can't keep anything down right now. "Have a nice time at school!" Mom calls after me. "I probably won't!" "Don't kiss any boys!" I turn to glare at her. "I'll just kiss girls then." Mom smirks. "Fine by me." "You're really terrified about me getting pregnant, aren't you?" "Bella, you're so little-" "I'm not twelve. I'm a grown up." "You're seventeen. Last time I checked, that wasn't considered very grownup." She grins at my expression. "Ryan will fetch you immediately after your last class." I mumble a goodbye then I walk out to the driveway, where Ryan is waiting for me. * It's a mere fifteen minute drive so I have a bit of time to locate my first class. I have a map that Daniel got from the school and I just need to figure it out. The sidewalks are littered with students hurrying to their classes, and they all stop to stare at me. I'm still in the car, which it's heavily tinted, so I'm confused for a moment before I realize that they're staring at the car. It's outrageously flashy to say the least. Most students have really nice cars but none of them is a match for this one. Bracing myself, I open the door and step out. My plan was to blend in but that seems to have already gone with the wind. I mean, I had to get here after everyone, in a ridiculously posh car driven by a chauffeur and I'm the new girl? It looks like I'm screaming for attention. I wait until Ryan drives off before I start walking briskly to wherever. I'm not sure where I'm headed but I want to disappear. Kids at this school stare a lot. I strongly dislike that. Everyone seems to get back to their senses when I start to walk away, and the sidewalks are busy once more. I shake my head as I look at the map. I think I'm already lost. That's too soon, even for me. "New girl?" I look over my shoulder. It's a girl..no..girls. Two of them. One is giving me a smile which doesn't reach her eyes while the other is standing back, taking in my appearance with her hands crossed over her chest. Their make-up is flawless and their clothes are fantastic. They're too pretty for this world, and I find myself hoping that all the girls in this don't look like that. I'd stick out like an alien. The girl who addressed me has a nice, lean body dressed in an equally nice bandage dress, and she has a dragon tattoo on her bare shoulder. I thought tattoos were supposed to be covered within the school premises? And who on earth wears high heeled sandals to high school? Am I judging too soon? Oh hell, who cares if I am? I'm sure she's judging me too if her expression is anything to go by. "Hi." I reply, shifting my bag to the other shoulder. I'm suddenly very nervous. The girl who first addressed me looks me over in a slow sweep. "My name is Tatiana." Then she gestures to the other girl with her chin. "Lily." "Bella." "Short for Isabella?" "Just Bella." "I like your shirt. I have like eight of those. Mine are designer though, all of them. I have this particular satin thing that barely covers my boobs and I'm obsessed with it..." She rambles on and on while I regard her with a frown. Eventually, she shuts up and looks me over again. "Where are you headed?" I start to look at my timetable, but she snatches it from my hand and gazes at it. "What a coincidence! We have most classes together! Isn't that amazing, Lily?" The Lily girl just nods. "Well, let's get to class!" Tatiana pulls me by the arm, and I walk beside them. I need to get to class somehow and they know the way, so why not? When we get to class, Tatiana and Lily sit on either side of me. I actually appreciate that because I'm usually too awkward to make friends, and mom was worried I wouldn't get anyone to talk to around here. Tatiana screws her nose when I neatly place my books on the desk. "What are you, a nerd?" I shrug. "I mean, kinda." "You're not one of those, Isabella. Here, let's fix it." She picks my books and carefully places them back in my bag. I frown at her. "What's your problem?" "You are my problem!" She hisses as she leans in to look me in the eye. "We are the coolest guys in this school. You don't take notes when you're cool. You do cool people shit." "Like..?" "Like getting those scholarship weirdos to copy notes for you and do your assignments. They're nerds, and they're desperate to make a few extra bucks, not to mention the fact that they worship the very grounds we walk on. They'll do whatever you ask of them." I'm officially confused. I stare at my brand-new best friend whom I dislike more by the minute. "I think I'll pass." "What do you mean you'll pass? It's not like you'll get into trouble for it. The teachers don't care. They're just here for the paychecks." Shaking my head, I take my books out of my bag and I place them on the desk again. I don't know what's up with Tatiana but I'm not intending on finding out. I have a feeling she'll cause more problems for me than I care to count, and I happen to be a big fan of not getting into trouble. I hate the attention that comes with it, but more importantly, my Mom wouldn't be amused by my choice of friends. I'd hate to let her down. She's all I care about. I gasp when Tatiana bangs her fisted hand on the desk. "Are you even listening to me?" She hisses under her breath, and I realize that the whole class is watching us. It's obvious they find whatever this is entertaining. "What do you want!" I snap between clenched teeth. "Let me teach you how this school works. We have the rich kids, then we have the poor souls who are here out of the goodness of some random people's hearts, also known as scholarships. We make the rules and the rest follow them. Judging by the car you came to school in, you belong with the law makers. Everyone wants to fit in with us. I'm doing you a favour by talking to you so don't blow it." I shake my head, totally dumbfounded. "What are you, crazy?" "Among other things. Now why don't you be a sweetheart and pull that stick out of your butt? Just sit back and look pretty and we're going to be really good friends. Being friends with me comes with lots of benefits, so you'll be thanking me. In fact, let's start over." She holds out her hand. "I'm Tatiana." I look at her outstretched hand for a moment too long before I make my decision. "Hi Tatiana." I smile without humor. "Goodbye Tatiana." I get to my feet, taking my books with me, and I walk across the aisle, aware of Tatiana's angry eyes boring into my back. I look around the room, and I blindly walk to the only other spot available. I don't spare the guy seated beside me a glance. I'm about to burst with frustration. I already dislike the kids in this school so much. I think I'll be staying out of everyone's way henceforth. That will be a better bet for me. I place my books on the new desk at the same time that cold coffee is splashed all over me. All over. I blink. I'm a total mess. My books are ruined and the front of my shirt is dripping wet. My hair is sticking to my face and I'm sure my minimal make-up is running down my cheeks. The cold liquid pools at my feet just as the room grows totally silent. I raise my eyes, and Tatiana is standing right in front of me. She's smirking contentedly with a smiling Lily right behind her. The plastic cup is still in Tatiana's hand. I expect the other kids to start laughing but they don't. They look horrified instead. It takes me a minute to process the reason why. They think that I'm from a crazy rich family. Their assumption is that Tatiana will get in trouble for f*****g around with me. If only they knew. "You look nice and wet." Tatiana says smugly, crossing her arms over her chest and staring down at me. "Get away from me." I breath. I'm biting my bottom lip to hold back the stream of swear combinations bubbling inside of me. "With pleasure. Good luck making friends around here, nerd." I say nothing. If she 'owns' the school like she claims, then I'll probably get in trouble for pulling her hair right off the scalp. My mom would very unamused if I got suspended on the first day, and everyone in this school would end up knowing who I am. That, is the last thing I want. I don't want to draw any attention to myself. I don't do well with all eyes on me. I'm just too awkward. And, I really don't want this ignorant spawn of satan for an enemy. "Why don't you just go ahead and punch me?" Tatiana sneers at me. "You're obviously dying to do it, and I'm dying to see you try." "That's enough bullying for a day, don't you think?" The thick voice that comes from somewhere behind me catches me by surprise. I don't look at the source, though. I'm too embarrassed to even move a finger. Tatiana smiles sweetly at whoever that is. "Kain! I didn't see you there. I saved you a seat." "Leave her alone." He repeats, very calmly. Tatiana rolls her eyes before she walks back to her seat, not before she casts me another hateful look. Why does she hate me anyway? Because I want to take notes during class? What the hell did I get myself into? "Are you okay?" A different male voice from the earlier one asks, and I lift my eyes to look at him. Oh, wow.. His eyes are easily the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen. "I'm dripping wet, my books are ruined, and I smell like a coffeeshop. If that's being okay, then yeah, I'm peachy." The edges of his lips lift in a grin. "Great. Come with me." "Where to?" "I'm assuming you want to fix yourself and maybe get a change of clothes? Unless you want to stay during class smelling like a coffee shop." He shrugs. "Your words not mine." "Do I have a choice?". "I don't think so." I gaze at my ruined books wondering what to do with them. The guy notices my dilemma, and he turns to call someone from the back of the hall. "Jay? I need a hand!" A moment later, a second guy; Jay, I presume, appears beside us and grins at me. "God, you're so wet! I like it!" The first guy, whose name I don't know yet, roughly elbows him. "Don't be like that, weirdo." "But why not?" "Because.. Never mind." Jay shifts his entire attention to me. "Don't believe a word he says. I'm neither a p*****t nor a weirdo. I'm just-" "A hoe?" Jay's eyes light up when his friend suggests that. "There you go!" Then he turns back to me with that natural smile. "You wanna become hoes together? It could be our thing. You could be my sidekick, you know?" "Like superheroes, except we'd be superhoes?" "Exactly! What would we call ourselves?" "I don't know.. What's your favourite STD?" Jay bursts out laughing before he stumbles away. The first boy turns back to me. "Leave the books on the table. He will take care of them. I'm George, by the way." "Bella." "Let's go before class begins. I don't want to explain this to Mr Walter." I start to stand up, but I quickly abort mission. My white top is clinging to my body and my bra is visible. I can't walk around school in that. George starts to raise a questioning eyebrow before he notices the shirt. He doesn't even think twice; he tugs off his jacket and hands it to me. "This material might be ruined-" I start to say, but he cuts me off. "It's just a jacket. I don't care." He takes my hand to help me out the seat once I wear it, and I feel all eyes on us as he leads me out of the hall. He drops my hand as soon as the door is closed behind us, but he keeps close since a few students who are still roaming the hallways stop to stare at me. "What is wrong with Jay?" I ask when the silence stretches. George frowns. "Nothing is wrong with him. He's just goofy like that." "Is he a hoe though?" "Let's just say he's very popular among the girls." "Do you think I should stay away from him?" My mom is on my mind when I ask that. "You have nothing to worry about, Bella. You'll like Jay a lot." "Where are we going?" That's my attempt at shifting the topic. I'm sure I'll be staying out of Jay's way. I don't want to become a statistic around here. "To the dorms." "This is a boarding school too?" "Yeah." He says simply. I don't push it. He already saved my ass so I guess his intention is not to kill me. We walk into the fancy three storey building, and George leads me to the first floor. He knocks on a random door then he steps back to wait. A moment later, the door opens and a breathtaking face pops out. Her entire face lights up when she sees George, and she walks into his arms without hesitation. He holds her close and hugs her to himself, smiling into her eyes as she pulls away. It's only then that she notices me. Her eyes widen at my appearance. "Honey, what happened?" "Tatiana happened." George answers for me. "Of course Tatiana happened. What else is new?" "Bella is." George chuckles, his arm still wrapped around her. "Why don't you let her clean up? She can't go home right now, and she doesn't know anyone around here." She's quick to smile at me. "I'm Jade, by the way. George is my boyfriend." The way she says it warms my heart. It's always fascinating to see people in love. I smile back. "I'm Bella." "Come on in, Bella." She smiles at George. "You wanna come in for a minute?" "I can't. Jay and Kain are waiting for me. We'll come for Bella after class." "Kain was there when Tatiana poured coffee all over her? But he promised to not let the b***h bully anyone after what she did to Gianna." "Kain actually made it stop. The squabble had nothing to do with him; that's why he took forever to bother. He didn't think Tatiana could be this stupid." From what I gather, Kain is the guy who asked Tatiana to leave me alone. I don't ask questions, though. I'm just happy to be away from that class for now. Jade hands me a towel as soon as we get inside her dorm room. Her roommate is in class so she is all alone. She shows me to the showers, then she grins at me as she turns to leave. "So, Kain, huh?" "What about him?" "What do you mean what about him? Didn't you see the guy?" "I didn't, actually." She only smiles at me, then she turns on her heel and leaves me to wash the sticky mess from my body.
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