1. The Gift

2005 Words
Alice's POV. Excitement was my friend at the moment, I didn’t want to sleep. Even though the whole castle was silent as everyone slept, I was wide awake. Four hours until it’s the witching hour as well as my seventeenth birthday. The seventeenth birthday for a witch, well a royal witch of the royal bloodline is when we get our gift. My father was the King of the royal coven and when he turned seventeen, he got the gift of phasing. I found his gift amazing as he could phase through anything from doors to tables even brick walls. I have heard many stories of my father fighting in battles as he used his phasing gift to kill his enemy's. I just hope that my gift will be as great as his and every single one of our ancestors before. I was an only child as my mother had struggled to conceived, which made me the current and only heir to the royal coven's throne. I eagerly tossed around in my bed as I waited to hear the clock strike twelve. I sat up a few times just to look at the clock slowly counting down from four hours to three hours than two hours, now in about one hour it would be midnight. After I checked for what felt like the hundredth time, I tucked myself back into my bed. Next thing I knew, my room door swung open as I quickly closed my eyes. I tried my best to pretend that I was asleep but whoever it was sat on the foot of my bed. I heard a sigh, "Alice, I know your awake." It was my father's voice. I opened my eyes as I sat up in my bed and gave a defeated sigh. "Sorry father, I feel too excited to sleep." I said smiling innocently. He chuckled at my explanation, "I was the same the night before my seventeenth. I didn’t sleep and my father came into my room as well. "He said as he smiled at the memory. "Did he tell you exactly what your telling me now?" I asked curiously. "Yeah, he did." My father replied, "He also said, have patience for what you want and it will be better than what you expect." He added as he quoted my grandfather, whom I have never met. "I didn’t quite understand what he meant that day but as I got older I understood." He added. "Wise words." I replied to my father after he had recited words that were once spoken by my grandfather. "What did you think your gift was going to be?" I asked my father. "Oh, Alice." My father said as he chuckled. "Honestly I thought I was going to get the gift of strength. It was what I wanted but I never got it. I won't say I wasn’t disappointed in the gift I had gotten because I was. However, over time I was pleased with the gift I had been given. I wouldn’t change it for anything thought." He replied to my question. "Do you think I would get a cool gift like yours?" I asked. "Of course you will, it will be as special as you." He said as he smiled at me. "Honey," I heard my mother's voice as she walked into my room. "You two best head off to bed, we have a big day tomorrow." My mother added as my father and I laughed. "Goodnight mother, father." I said as they both kissed my forehead before they left my room. I laid my head back down on my pillow as I let the darkness take over. ............................ I opened my eyes and all I saw was darkness as I tried looking at my surroundings. As I scanned every part of the darkness, I saw a small light appear. For some unknown reason I felt in my stomach that it was okay to walk towards the light. As I began to get closer to the light, it looked to be a crystal ball that was levitating. Fog was pouring from the crystal that I could of mistaken it for the moon sitting amongst clouds. The light coming off of the crystal was so bright that it was almost like the darkness had not even existed. "Well, you seem to be taking this way better than what I had thought.” I turned to see who spoke behind me. "Who are you?" I asked startled as I took a fighting stance to the black figure that stood behind me. “I’m Eliphas, an elder of the dream-walker coven.” The black figure introduced himself. "Also I will not harm you, I would never harm a child of the goddess Hecate." He added in his eerily voice. “How do I know you're telling the truth? And Why can’t I see your face?” I questioned while still in my defensive stance in case he was lying. “My dear, I’m too old to have a face. Under my hood is nothing but a void.” Eliphas replied. "Also, I am here to tell you what your gift is." He added. "What? My father never said anything about a black figure showing up to tell me my gift." I said confused. "Dear, that is because he doesn't remember. The goddess take's that memory from everyone of those that come before you, all they remember is what gift they have been gifted." He explained but I still don’t understand. "It happened to your father, his before him and it will also happen to your children and grandchildren after you." Eliphas said. “Okay so, do I need to do anything or say anything to know what my gift is?” I asked. “Place your hands in my hands.” Eliphas instructed. I hesitated before I placed my hands in his. As I did I felt some sort of energy surge go through me. I was trying to steady my breathing and as I did time seemed to stop. I opened my eyes and I saw the figure of Eliphas standing in front of me. “My dear, the goddess Hecate had granted you the gift of sight. It’s the first time she has granted that particular gift.” Eliphas said. “Also she has asked that I do not Remove your memories, she wants you to remember me but do not tell anyone about me.” Eliphas added. “I thought you said the goddess Hecate is the one that takes our memory of meeting you.” I asked. “It is what she wants me to tell you and everyone of your ancestors.” Eliphas answered. “So I have the gift of sight?” I asked to confirm. “Yes my dear, and don’t worry you will learn how to control it. I can help you but it will take you some time to be able to access the spiritual realm. Only the dream-walker coven can come and go.” Eliphas explained. “And remember, do not tell anyone about me.” He added as I felt like I was being pulled from his hands. I let out a loud gasp as I jumped in my bed. I was breathing heavily that I fear my heart would burst in my chest. I looked around my room and when I looked at the clock, it was almost two in the morning. “My gift is sight.” I whispered to myself as I threw myself back onto my pillow. Was everything I just saw real? Did I just see a man or rather a figure that looked evil but was actually friendly? I don’t know if I should tell my father, maybe he would be concerned if I told him. Either way I will keep it quiet for now, I inhaled a huge amount of air before I had managed to drift off into a deep sleep. …………… I woke up around nine in the morning as I sat on my bed trying to comprehend my dream. Was it real? Was the creepy black figure I had seen real? And why was everyone of my ancestors memories erased after discovering their gift with the void named Eliphas? I had so many questions and not one of them was even answered. So far the only person I was comfortable in talking to right now was my father, only because Eliphas had said that he doesn’t remember. If that is true then I shall try to see if he does and if my father doesn’t remember. Well I will try to question him to see was he is able to remember.I jumped out of bed and got ready before I went to meet my parents at breakfast. “Happy Birthday!!” Both my parents screamed in union. I had forgotten that they would do such a thing. I knew that it meant everything because I was their only child and also because I was the only child they were able to conceive. I’m sure it was also why they had tried to spoilt me through out my life. Even though they had tried, it never worked. I couldn’t really feel spoil especially since I had so much love from them both. “Thank you, mother, father. I really appreciate everything that the two of you have done for me.” I say with so much love and appreciation. “I love you sweetheart.” My mother said as she gave me a bear hug.” “I love you too, mother.” I replied. “Don’t forgetting me.” My father said as he joined the group hug. “Love my girls.” He adds as he gave me a kiss on my forehead and kisses my mother on the cheek. “Now,” My father says after what felt like an hour of hugging. “Does my princess know what her gift is?” He asked. I have a small smile, “father, mother.” I began as I looked in between the two. “I believe I have been given the gift of sight.” I answer my fathers questions. The shocked expression they both gave didn’t go unnoticed even though they covered it as quickly as they showed it. “Alice,” My mother began. “You understand that the gift you have been given is rare? No one in our bloodline has ever received such a gift.” My father cut in before my mother could say anything. I nodded my head and couldn’t help but notice that I was a bit confused by something. “Father,” I began. “How did you know what your gift was?” I asked as I stared at him. “Well..” he began and stopped with his mouth open. He seemed to of been in deep thought. “I’m not entirely sure, but on the day I just knew, almost like it was a feeling or a voice that had told me.” My father answered. I admit it wasn’t the answer that I was expecting but it was interesting to learn. It only confirm with me that either I actually meet an elder of the dream-walker covers. Although I still didn’t know if it was real or a dream. I gave a huge smile and nodded my head, the rest of the day went perfectly fine. I spent the whole day with my parents, thank Hecate that my father always takes a day off from being King, on my birthday only just to spend it with my mother and I. I looked at them both and for some odd reason I felt like I had to cherish this moment forever. “I love you both.” I said as I felt that odd felling. “We love you too princess.” My parents replied in union. It caused me to be very happy as I gave them both a loving look.
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