Chapter 2 : Yorkshire Man*

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“Ah, the Yorkshire man is awake! How are you feeling?” Alannah said with a smile.  Alannah knew she should not have brought the man home. Tao the fighting family’s head was strict on such things, but she could not leave him there. This man’s stunning blue eyes had certainly piqued her curiosity. “ Err yes! Thank you for helping me” Kurt said trying not to stutter.  Kurt felt like a teenager again, not the Chairman of one of the world’s most powerful Syndicates. “Are you going to introduce us?” The Australian man said folding his arms. Standing at 6 foot 3 inches with an extremely muscular build. His dark brown hair and amber coloured eyes made him stand out from the crowd.  “Yeah, sorry.. Bruce this is..erm sorry I did not catch your name?” Alannah said looking apologetic. Kurt smiled and said “it is Kurt, Kurt Blackwood”  “I am Alannah Seaswell!” Alannah said trying not to stare too deeply into this man’s eyes. She had a feeling she could drown in them.  “Would that be so bad? It has been a while since you had any action!” a wicked voice in her head said.  “Shut up and get a grip, women!” Alannah thought. Alannah felt an arm round her shoulder as the man, who was an opponent a few moments ago, was now standing by her side.  “She is known as the Red Vixen in our circles!” said the young man said in an American accent. He had blonde hair and dark brown eyes that were staring directly at Kurt. He only had on some green gym trousers. This meant his six-pack and his nine tail fox tattoos was on full display. Alannah sighed and moved out of his hold, making Kurt mentally smirk. “Adam, stop being rude to our guest!” A Latino man said coming over and shaking Kurt’s hand. “I am Mateo, but most people call me Mat.” Mat said in a thick Brazilian accent.  Again, Mat's muscular body was straining against his black T-shirt and green trousers. He had a long scar down his forearm, and it looked fairly recent. “And we are Aiden and Ethan!" Aiden said as the last two men came over.  Kurt looked confused for a second as Aiden and Ethan were completely identical, down to the black hair and blue eyes. “Yes, we are identical twins!” Aiden and Ethan said in unison “Bloody hell, you guys freak me out when you do that!” Adam complained. The Twins just smirked and shrugged. “Right, now that excruciatingly embarrassing moment is over, I am going to get a quick shower! Why don’t you guys sort out breakfast? I will be back in 10 mins.” Alannah said. “Want me to join you and wash your back babe?” Adam said smirking at Alannah. “I rather s**t in my hands and clap! But, I recommend you do have a separate shower, as you stink!” Alannah retorted making the Twins chuckle. Alannah turned to the Twins and said “I want you two to behave as well, otherwise I will kick your arse!” “Fine!” Ethan said with a defeated sigh. “Good!” Alannah said and she winked at Kurt who smiled back at her.  Alannah felt butterflies in her stomach, which she tried to suppress as she walked to the shower.  “What the f**k is wrong with me?” Alannah said as she turned on her shower to cold.  Alannah was used to being around men that most women would throw themselves at. However, none of them ever really interested her. This man with his blue eyes seemed to have got under her skin. Alannah got into the shower, hoping it would help! ============================================== "Alannah is not available you know, so don’t even think about it!” Adam said staring menacingly at Kurt. “She has a boyfriend?” Kurt asked, trying not to sound disappointed. “Alannah have a boyfriend? God no!” Aiden said as they all walked over to the kitchen area. “They have to get past Tao!” Ethan said. “Tao?” Kurt asked. “He is the fighting family leader and has the final say over us. Alannah has already sailed close to the wind by bringing you here.” Mat said whilst measuring out ingredients and putting a frying pan on. “Yes, she is going to be punished because of you!” Adam snapped. “Adam, stop being so dramatic! Tao won’t punish Alannah, especially near a ranking match. Now stop glaring and get the glasses!” Bruce said getting the plates out to step the table. “Match?” Kurt said getting some paper napkins for the table. “Man, you really are an outsider!” Ethan moaned placing knives and forks on the table. “We are all members of Nine Tail Fox Fighting gang. We are the primary fighting family of the Triads and so we fight matches in their name.” Aiden explained. “You should not be telling him that! He could be with the cops!” Adam snapped. Aiden laughed and said, “If you don’t think Chairman Lang has the cops in his pocket, then you are mad mate!” “Or stupid!” Ethan said “Chairman Lang?” Kurt said surprised. This fighting family belonged to Xan? This was good news for Kurt and would ask him about it ASAP! “Yes, Chairman Xan Lang. He is like the King of the Gangsters in China,” Aiden said.  Kurt tried not to smile at Xan being called “King of the Gangsters”. “Why are we talking about Lang?” Alannah asked.  Kurt turned around and tried not to stare at her. She had on a pair of blue faded jeans, a t-shirt and an oversized woolly cardigan. The Jeans and top clung to her curves, the blue woolly cardigan made her green eyes pop. “We were just telling Kurt a little about our world!” Ethan said. “Why?” Alannah asked suspiciously. “Exactly, I said we should not be telling outsiders about our world!” Adam said with a triumphant smile. “Think he has the right to know! Especially, you guys are going to get it onnnnnn!" Aiden said whilst gyrating his hips.  Alannah blushed and was about to throw a salt pot at Aiden.  Mat said “Enough! Here get some protein pancakes down you!”  The group wasted no time in sitting down at the long table with benches on each side. The table had been covered in toppings and fillings; everything from yoghurt to stewed fruit.  Alannah sat next to Kurt and said “Grab what you can, whilst you can! I have seen fights break out over Mat’s pancakes!” Kurt managed to grab two and wrestle some stewed fruit from Aiden. Kurt tried the pancakes and was surprised at how light and fluffy they were. “Good, hey?” Alannah said with a wink. Suddenly Kurt heard the word “catch” from Ethan threw an orange at Kurt. The orange was heading straight to Kurt’s face, but at the last moment, Alannah put out her hand and caught it. Kurt was stunned at how fast her reflexes were. “Ethan! I am warning you if you don’t behave I will pound your arse in a cell match!” Alannah growled. “Look, we have the right to ask Probie questions and test his skills!” Ethan said confidently. “Probie?” Kurt asked. “It is short for probation. Ethan has a point it would be nice to find out more about you Kurt, like where are you from?” Bruce asked. “Sheffield, England. I am here on a business trip and I got lost whilst on a walk.” Kurt said hoping the lie would not kick in the arse later. “Where you got your arse kicked by some punks!” Adam said pouring out some coffee. “There were 10 of them Adam and I think they were Gang affiliated!” Alannah said. “Hmm, that is not going to make the Chairman happy, especially if it is The Tiger Claw Gang!” said Mat.  "Mat is right!" thought Kurt.  Any Gang Leader was protective over their Gang’s territory and Xan was particularly protective. “Well, whatever! He was lucky Alannah was there!” Adam snapped. “Oh, I quite agree Adam! Ang man would be lucky to have Alannah by their side!” Kurt said with a smile that made Alannah melt. Bruce and Mat gave each other a worried look. “So when will you be returning to England?” Bruce asked. “Not for a few weeks yet, I need to close some business deals,” Kurt said smoothly. “You should come to the fight tomorrow!” Ethan said excitedly. “Yeah, you can watch Nine Tails whip some arse again!” Aiden said shadow boxing. “I very doubt he could afford the entrance fee!" Adam snapped and again Kurt tried not to smirk. “Oh, how much is it?” Kirk asked casually. “30 thousand US dollars is the baseline ticket. Ringside or VIP can go up to 250,000 dollars!” Bruce said.  "Wow, this business makes a huge amount of money for the Chinese Syndicate!" Kurt thought. “See, told you he could not afford it!” Adam said with a smirk. “Don’t worry, it is probably not a good idea anyway. It can be very brutal to watch!” Alannah said putting a hand on his knee, sending sparks up his spine. The group all started to clear away the dishes and wash down the table. Alannah and Kurt talked and joked the whole time. “Alannah, you better get him out of here before Tao comes!” Bruce whispered and Alannah nodded. “No, please introduce me to your Guest Alannah!” Boomed a voice across the warehouse. A 6 foot 7 giant black man, who was buff as hell was staring angrily at Alannah. “You are in for it now!” Smirked Adam. “s**t!” Alannah muttered and all Kurt was thinking was how best to protect her.
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