Chapter 1

486 Words
    So, here I am. Sitting alone at the pub, drinking my pain away.  Five shots of tequila in and I'm only feeling a bit buzzed. "Can I have another?" I ask, looking up at the bartender and giving him a lop sided smile. "Perhaps something a bit stronger?" The bartender chuckles and shakes his head, grabbing another shot glass and pouring a milky liquid into it.     "I'll take one of those as well, sir." I hear beside me.  I turn my head and furrow my brows, taking in the man sitting next to me. He had brown hair that was rugged but also kept tidy, as if it was meant to look like a stylish mess. His jawline was sharp and prominent as his green eyes locked onto mine.         "I get that I'm attractive, but you drooling over me is getting a bit weird." he says, his accent thick and his voice light with amusement. My cheeks redden and I shake my head, looking away from him as the bartender sets our drinks down in front of us. "I-I wasn't drooling." The man smirks and looks down at his drink, running a long, slender finger along the rim of the glass. "Right, but you didn't deny looking." I smirk and grab my drink, glancing over at him. "I didn't think that looking at nice things was a crime."         The man laughs and shakes his head, turning his body on the small stool to face me. "No, indeed it's not. So, what brings a gorgeous thing like yourself down here to the pub, drinking your sorrows away? Let me guess, bad breakup?" I scoff, looking directly at him now. "No, I don't really do relationships. Let's just say...stress." I explain.  He nods and raises his glass in the air, smirking. "Well, to a stress free tomorrow."         I nod and we clink our glasses together before downing the shots. As soon as the liquid flows down my throat, I cough and my eyes water, my throat burning and then my stomach. "Holy s**t, that really is a lot stronger." The man beside me lets out a low whistle, a fist to his chest. "Indeed." I swallow hard and look up at him, giggling some. "That was actually quite terrible. I'm not sure how I feel about that." He smiles, looking at me and moving a closer. "Will you tell me what you're so stressed about?" I pause, meeting his eyes before looking back down. "Uhm, university crap, work. It's all very conflicting and it's just messing with my head a bit, I guess." He nods, resting his hand over mine as my thumb strokes the glass. "Well..I know of a few ways we can relieve that stress." Meeting his eyes, I can feel my cheeks redden as he stands up, paying the bartender for both of our drinks before grabbing my hand and leading us out the door.
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