Chapter 72: We Broke Up

981 Words

"Isabel, I still feel a little strange. You pinch me." Isabel pinched Sophia unkindly. "It hurts. Be gentle." "It hurts to make sure you're not dreaming." "My tuition fee is settled. Can I go to college now?" "Of course." Sophia turned unhappy when she thought of her father at home. "If I go to college, I can't make money for him. He has a bad temper and he keeps a long face all day long. I'm afraid he will beat my mother." Isabel suddenly turned serious, "Sophia, do you want Linda to divorce him?" "I thought about it." "Linda forgives the scum again and again, but in exchange, she gets more damage. That man isn't worth it! You have to be tough and persuade your mother to divorce him. Without him, you will live a better life." "He won't say yes." Isabel sneered, "He has domesti

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