Chapter 109: Timely Arrival

1680 Words

Howard reached into his pocket and looked down at the vibrating phone—it was Geoffrey. Raising a hand to silence the lawyer who was talking he pressed the phone to his ear.   "What is it?" he asked, a dreadful feeling knotting in his stomach.   "Something is going on at the hotel," Geoffrey said. "A waitress was about to spill boiling fondue all over Mrs. Denmark. I got in the way and stopped her, but then we were separated. I think it was all meant as a distraction. Someone is trying to hurt her."    His blood ran cold and he ended the call, putting his phone back in his pocket.   "That's all for today, gentlemen," he said.   "But we haven't signed the—" began a lawyer.   "I said that's all for today," he shouted.   He forced himself to walk calmly and slowly from the co

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