Chapter 91: I am Your husband

1377 Words

Howard returned to his office after the business with Drew ready to find Isabel waiting for him. But the room was empty. He shrugged and crossed to the desk—she'd probably gone to the bathroom. He smiled as he found a sketch of a woman wearing a stylish miniskirt and fall coat. He studied the drawing and a sudden feeling of dread filled him. Across the middle of the page was a single, dark pencil line. It looked as if Isabel had been surprised while drawing it. He looked on top of his desk and then beneath it, expecting to find her purse, but it was gone. His heart hammered in his chest and dread knotted in his stomach. He fumbled for his phone and dialed her cell but she didn't answer. He tried again and then hit Geoffrey's number. She didn't answer either and his head spun. He screame

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