Best friends forever

261 Words
The night before fifteen-year-old Jaxon Boyd left for chemo treatment, he made a pact with his best friend and next-door neighbor, Isabella Capizzi. That no matter what happened, through thick and thin, they’d stay best friends forever. And they have – through first loves, breakups, and near-death experiences, their friendship has been the one constant in Jaxon’s life. Until they both cross the line one wild night at a neighbor’s wedding reception. But regardless of the feelings Jaxon harbors for Izzie, he’s determined to stay away – because promises are promises, right? And as much as he could see himself growing old with Izzie, there’s one secret he’s never been able to share with his best friend. Because sharing it would break Izzie’s heart completely. Isabella Capizzi is tired of waiting. Tired of waiting for her parents to let her take over the family’s ranching business, tired of waiting to become head of the English department at the high school, and definitely tired of waiting for her teenage crush Jaxon Boyd to think of her as more than his childhood BFF. But now that she’s staring down thirty, she wants more for her life than a guy who only sees her as his plus-one. After a night of too much liquid courage when she may or may not have confessed her feelings to Jax – the details are fuzzy – Izzie decides to take matters into her own hands. She’s leaving Prairie for good – come hell or high water. But her friends… and Jaxon, have other ideas. Sign up for my newsletter to receive updates, sneak-peeks, and freebies!
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