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Just tell me what I want to know! He screamed, and I felt the cloth being placed over my face. I feel the water fill my mouth again, as the man screams questions at me, demanding to know how we control them. Like they would tell me that. I thrash and kick but I know it’s no use, I’m just not strong enough. I pull against my restraints, but they don’t give an inch. I cough and choke as my throat fills with water. This is it, I think, I am finally going to die and this will be over. Drowning has always been a fear of mine, suffocating in any way really, but drowning was always number one, ironic isn’t it? I wake frantic, clutching my throat. As I try to get my breathing back to normal, I look around my room and remind myself I am home and that it was just a dream, my subconscious mind just being the cruel b***h that it is. I slowly drag myself out of bed and look at the clock. 3pm it says. Great, another three hours until my shift. I groggily walk into the kitchen to start the coffee then head into the bathroom to shower. As I stare at the water hitting the shower floor, I flash back to my dream. One of the many memories that still haunt me from my time in the military. It feels like so long ago, yet the fear and pain I felt are as strong and fresh as the day it happened. Come on Mak, pull yourself together, I tell myself as I shut off the shower and dry off. I head to the kitchen for some wake up potion, and roll my eyes at the tragedy my life has become. Just another day in paradise.
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