Chapter 2: Warm Perfume

1353 Words
Julien's POV Eclipse Nightclub 'What is she wearing?' I politely smile at this tall blonde in front of me with her t**s practically falling out onto the bar. If that dress slips anymore I'm gonna owe her a tip. She licks her lips as she eyes me up and down and I pretend not to see the hunger in her eyes. I've seen her since she walked in with her friends all barely wearing anything and flirting with every guy that would look their way. 'Do you know how to make s*x on the beach?" She coos sensually. I don't answer immediately as I keep wiping down the bar. I'm careful not to brush against her as I pass by. Throwing my rag over my shoulder, I give her a quick wink and with lightning speed, I mix her drink. I throw bottles into the air and balance her glass on the back of my hand before finally pouring her drink and sliding it in front of her. As I start to slide my hand back, she places hers on top of mine and holds it there. Leaning over the counter until I could smell the heat of her skin and the sticky-sweet scent of her strawberry perfume she whispers. “I didn't mean the drink. I meant you and me on the beach tonight. Interested?" “Miss, I don't mean to offend you, but you're not my type. I like some things to be left to the imagination and…" I eye her now fully exposed chest. “I think I've seen everything you have to offer." Horror flashes across her face as she realizes her bare chest is now pressed into the cold wood of the bar. Snatching her hand from mine, she pulls up her dress and tips the drink over with a smack. A splash lads on me as she gives me the devil stare and stomps away. I chuckle to myself as I clean myself up. “Tsk. as if I'd break my fast for you. “ I snark. I heave a deep breath in relief though. Lately, putting off women at work has been getting harder. Recently, they've all just smelled like warm honey to me. It's been hell to resist, but at least the ones like that are unattractive to me anyway. I press the back of my hand to my lips as my tongue feels like it's swelling and my heart races. I walk to Roland at the other end of the bar and tap his shoulder twice to let him know I'm headed to the bathroom. He nods and I'm free to escape through the bar door into the back. Once alone in the single stall, I lock the door and brace myself on the sink. My blood feels like liquid fire pumping through my veins and my d**k throbs in angry need. I breathe through the wave hitting me. It wasn't my first time riding out the effects of my condition. I bite down on my lip as the pulse after pulse racks my body. When the last one hits and fades, I bite down to point of drawing blood. My breathing slowly equals out and I release the sink's edge. I lift my head to see my disheveled reflection glaring back at me. My brown hair had come loose from my ponytail and my grey eyes were as fierce as storm clouds. I hated this. Just a few more hours and I could go home. Home. the safest place for me. I splashed some cold water on my face and straightened my clothes before heading back out to the sea of warm perfume. I hate Wednesdays. *** Julien's Apartment Finally, inside my apartment, I c***k my neck and kick my shoes off to the corner. I pull my black shirt out of my pants and flop down on the couch. I close my eyes, considering just crashing here for the night. My phone lights up and I ignore it until the loud sound of a saxophone blares from my pocket. “F*ck me!" I yell. “Hello?" “Hey Juju, Sophie can't come in on Saturday night. Can you do me solid and cover her shift?" “Abso-f*ckingly no way in hell. I haven't had a day off in a month." “Come on, I'll pay you double for the short notice. “ I hear Evie plead with me. I scrunch up my eyebrows at my soft heart. “Fine, but I'm leaving early, and you're paying me double," I state firmly. “You're a real hard a*s Juju. You know that?" “Bye Evie." I groan and hang up on her comment. Now irritated and tired, I drag my body from the couch and head toward the bathroom. I drop my phone on the coffee table and drop my clothes on the floor on my way to the shower. I crank the water all the way to hot and wait for the steam to rise before getting in. The shock of the heat opens my eyes and relaxes my tight muscles. I pop the rubber band holding my ponytail in place and let the hot water wash over me. My body was aching from lifting heavy crates and barrels all day. Tack on the deep cleaning and running all night, I felt out of shape. I chuckle at myself. I was hardly out of shape, but being a bartender was more strenuous than most people thought. It wasn't just flirts and tips. Although I got more than enough tips thanks to my hair and eyes. Most of my compliments came from people who weren't looking at my face. I was 6'3 with wide shoulders. My legs were firm and agile. I looked slim under my work clothes, but I worked out a lot to help with my health condition, so I had a hard-earned six-pack underneath. I kept the hair on my chest trimmed nice and neat and my face clean. I wasn't high maintenance. I just figured less hair, less hassle. The only reason the hair on my head was so long was due to laziness. I grabbed my body wash and lathered up my hands until they were mostly foam. I scrubbed my body silently until I reached my manhood. I looked down and grimaced. This part was always hard. Literally. I gripped my d**k with my hand firmly and slowly began to stroke it with the soap. The warm slippery feeling sent chills down my spine. This fasting thing was brutal. Mindlessly, I found myself stroking myself faster and gripping tighter as my thoughts wandered to a warm, wet, p***y wrapped around me. My d*ck swelled in response and hunger. It had been so long and the thought was so vivid I could almost feel my d*ck being milked by a sweet pool of moisture. My breath caught as I felt my body tighten and heat. The waves from earlier returned higher and heavier. I stroked even faster, bracing myself on the shower wall. The hot water added to my lustful haze. I pressed my thumb over a hot nerve as I rubbed myself into bliss until finally releasing my pent-up passions. The high of my pleasure shook me. The floor shifted and I felt my legs wobble under my weight. Carefully, I rested my full weight on the wall behind me as the rush floated away. The steam of the shower melted away and I was greeted with cold water dripping down my body and causing me to shiver even more. Still covered in soap, I rushed and rinsed the layer of white off my skin and wrapped a towel around my hips. In my room, I sunk into my bed thankfully. My body was still damp from the shower, I rolled over onto my stomach and yawned from exhaustion. As my eyes grew heavy, I sniffed at the familiar scent and growled as I realized the scent of strawberry perfume was still faintly on my skin from earlier. I screamed into my comforter before lulling to sleep.
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