Love.At.First.Sight ♥

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December 1339 Outer ring of the capital city Alicia, Nirvana December was always a festive period round the continent, everyone celebrated the end of the year as well as the snow and the end of the hunting and farming seasons. There was always a lot to be happy for when December came around and in Alicia it was especially celebrated, few years back the Queen had started the end of year carnival and celebrations. It had become a tradition in Alicia now and people came from all around the kingdom to attend it. It was designed in such a way that the carnival went round the city but the dance on the night before the final day was done separately in each ring. The capital city was round with a huge wall going round it and then divisions within the walls. It was such that the city was divided into three rings. The innermost ring and the one in the middle was around the walled and impenetrable palace, this was where all those from the noble families, those of high positions in the army. The second ring within the city was for those wealthy business owners or gold cave owners to live. The third ring within the city was for the common folk, the farmers, hunters, ordinary soldiers, traders, miners and everyone else. The three separate rings had three separate balls that happened at the same time and it was the duty of the Queen to attend each ball. Queen Isabelle had attended all the dances in all the other rings of the city and was finally at the last ring now, as she had noticed every year the commoner’s ball was always the most fun. They danced to their hearts content and ate to their feel while the music was being placed with so much more enthusiasm than the other two rings combined. As she peeped out her horse drawn coach she decided she would spend more time here than she did in the others before moving back to the palace, she needed to sleep. She removed her tiara and placed it gently on the empty chair seat beside her, there was no handmaid escorting her today, she had made sure of that so she could really have fun today. She would keep the Tiara so no one would know she was the queen, it was already late and the sun was down so she was sure no one would recognize her. The lanterns were bright all around the town square where the dance was going on but she knew no one would have the time to look at her face for too long. She stepped out her coach and walked past the crowd and headed for the very middle of the dance floor which was in the open space of the town square. As she stepped past the crowd, almost immediately everyone’s eyes were on her. No one recognized her but she was in a beautiful ball gown and had a beautiful face that could leave any man speechless. Few confident men came forward to ask for her first dance, some were intimidated by her beauty and stayed back but all eyes were fixed on her at the same time. The old men, the old women, the young men, the young women, the children, everyone had their eyes fixed on her. She turned to see someone who got her attention instantly. He was the only man not looking at her and worst of all he seemed not to care about what everyone else was mumbling about, he just sat there talking to a man who she presumed was his brother. He had no ale in his hand so she assumed he was not drunk and would be capable of dancing. She walked past all the men in front of her asking for a dance and made a bee line for the one who just sat there nonchalantly talking to his brother who was also looking at her this whole time. As she walked to them, all eyes in the town square followed her. She walked to where they stood and faked a violent cough to get their attention. The brother was immediately on his feet offering her water, but this man did not even turn to look at her. She drank the water slowly before saying anything. “Thank you kind sir, I really needed the water.” She said to him with a smile “I was wondering if I could steal your brother away for a dance, if you don’t mind.” She asked “No, I don’t mind. Please take him.” The flustered man said before tapping his presumed to be brother on the shoulder, the other man had still not turned to look at her this entire time. “Jon, this pretty lady wants a dance with you.” The man said to his seemingly uninterested brother with excitement. “I am really not in the mood to dance today Ferran, please take her to the dance floor. I’ll just wait for you here.” The man said in a calm husky voice. He was turning down her invitation to dance, his brother did not seem surprised though but she was very surprised. She was not someone who people turned down ever; even without being a Queen she was exceptionally beautiful and appealing to any normal person. She decided to bait his ego; she was not going to be turned down when she could see everyone looking at them. She would not let this probable farmer to ridicule her. “Is it that you do not want to dance sir, or you perhaps do not know how?” she asked sarcastically with a light giggle. “If I get up from here and you cannot keep up, what do I get in return for wasting my time?” he asked still looking across the table and not turning to look at her even once. “Jon, your name is Jon right? If you can do a dance I am not familiar with I will be your servant for an entire day, possibly all of tomorrow which is the last day of the Queen’s carnival. However if I keep up with all your moves, then you will be mine” She said with a spunk and confidence in her voice that was getting him interested in this wager. “Let’s shake on this wager then” Jon said as he stood and turned to face her with his outstretched arm, she took his right hand in hers and they shook on it making their wager official in front of the many people that had been watching their exchange this entire time. They remained there shaking hands for almost 30 seconds; both lost in each other’s eyes. Jon had seen a lot of beautiful girls in his life but this one had stunned him immediately he turned to see her face, surprisingly she was also stunned by his face. He had a look of someone dangerous yet kind, his eyes were bright and alive and his hair was what amazed her with his look the most. He had long straight hair that grazed the top of his shoulders. He had the blackest and longest hair she had seen on any man including the plethora of royalty she had met over the years; he had the exact opposite of her blonde wavy hair. They stood there shaking hands till everyone around them started clapping and cheering in anticipation of how this wager played out, the clap brought them both back to reality instantly as they walked to the middle of the town square hand in hand with everyone forming a circle round them, eager to watch this contest. That was how they met and perhaps it was an L A F S experience, but would any of them ever agree it was Love At First Sight.
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