Fifty - Yours to Conquer

726 Words

In the darkness that followed, I felt like I was falling. I gasped for air and clawed at the air with my hands, but I couldn’t grab onto anything. I wanted the fall to end, but it didn’t. I was falling down into a great pit, and the fall went on forever. Where was this dark pit? Was it a cave? A cave in an ancient mountain range? Or was it a dark pit in my heart? A black hole in my mind? My heart was racing, but my brain could not muster up any thoughts. My limbs were flailing in mid-air and desperate to grab onto something. Anything. In the deepest recesses of my heart, I cried for help, but the voices inside my head were too loud. They drowned out all my pleas. All my screams. The cacophony inside me felt like it would drive me insane, and part of me wanted to give in to it. The m

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