Sinister Threats

1608 Words

I stared with unbelieving eyes as the huntress sat up from where she was slumped on the ground. “It worked,” I muttered. “You’re alive!” Lyana lifted her hand that held the Angel’s shield. She raised it in front of her face and examined the radiant golden plate. As she moved, the blackened spots on her skin faded, and the color went back to her face. Her chapped lips became moist and plump, and the blood on her eyes disappeared. With her spare hand, the huntress felt for the beating inside her chest. She drew the shield down to her side and looked up at me, smiling. “I think so,” she said. “Thank you, Samuel.” Wiping the tears rolling down my face, I knelt beside the huntress and took her in an embrace. Her skin felt warm against mine, a surefire sign that she was alive. “I am sorry for

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