Seventeen - Troubled Heart.

1547 Words

Magat started forward, strapping the wide gray sword across his shoulders. He picked up the torch embedded on the tunnel’s wall and lit it using the almost dying flames of the bonfire. Lyana and Amias trailed behind him. I followed. It took me ages to find a new shelter, but after Amias told us that more demonic serpents were coming, I knew staying behind wasn’t an option. Getting eaten by a gigantic snake wasn’t one of my fantasies. With the light of the firebrand burning the shadows away, navigating the tunnel seemed easy. The rocky path was now covered with slime after the injured Nahash demon slithered out of the hollowness. We were supposed to be running, but the slimy trail made it impossible to run. Lyana picked up the arrows that fell on the ground from the demon’s head as we walk

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