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I’ve been through Hell and back. Yes. That’s right. I have gone to the depths of Hell and reemerged anew. Like the fabled Phoenix rising from the ashes, I have died and have risen again. I am Sh’muel Chazaklev, or better yet, you can call me Samuel. I am eighteen years old, and I am the son of a baker named Aaron. My mother Amara used to tell me that my name meant ‘God has heard the strong of heart.' I did not believe her until the demons came crawling into our home, and I had no one to call upon but the Divine. As if by some miracle, Heaven heard me. I knew then that I was saved so I could save thousands more. This is the story of how I became the first of my kind. Together with the others that were resurrected like me, I fought against nightmarish creatures in the deepest pits of Hell. We almost failed, but we had hope. We battled and emerged victoriously. We died, but we were Reborn. I am Samuel Strongheart, the first Soul Dealer, and this is the Age of Heroes. This is our legacy. Sh'muel Chazaklev Reborn: Age of Heroes
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