Fifty-Three - Unkillable

1617 Words

“H-How is… this possible,” muttered the demon in between his struggling breaths. He looked down at me, the flames on his eyes dying. “H-how could you wield the Divine weapons with such… darkness in.. you?” I stepped away from his large wolf frame, keeping my gaze locked with his as I did. My chest was heaving as I tried to catch my breath. Energy rolled off in waves from the sword and I could feel my wounds and broken bones heal up. For the first time in ages, I found myself smiling. “ Turns out, you were wrong, Marchosias. The Angel still hears our prayers after all.” A heavy thud echoed as Marchosias fell to the ground. His massive wings lay flat and limp against Hell’s barren soil. More blood gushed out of his wound and soon enough, the demon was bathing in his own blood just like the

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