Forty-Four - An Ultimatum

1985 Words

Dragging one foot in front of the other, I made my way toward the unconscious Magat sprawled on the ground. The dull sword felt heavy in my hands. Onoskelis was gone; reduced to ashes, but still, my touch did not awaken the blaze of the Angelic blade. Pushing my worries away for a moment, I dug the tip of the dull sword into the hard-packed soil of the Second Ring to help get to the where the war chief was. The intrusive voice inside my head was quiet and I thought for a fleeting breath that it was gone. However, I still felt its presence lurking in the crevices of my mind like a creature hiding in the shadows, biding its time. Focus on the good things, Samuel, I told myself as I knelt beside the knocked out war chief. “Magat,” I said, slapping his face. “Magat. Wake up!” The blinding b

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