Thirty-Nine - Nakedness

2138 Words

I snorted. “I’m sorry? What did you say, Amias?” I asked, sure that I heard wrong. “You will lure Onoskelis with your body?” Amias sighed as he turned to look at me. The hood of his robe was drawn over his head, its shadow covering his eyes. A small smile curved his lips. “Yes, you heard correctly, Samuel. I will use my body as bait for the demoness.” I scratched my head. “Are you sure that is going to work? I mean no offense, Amias, but should the bait be, you know, attractive?” “Sh’muel!” exclaimed Lyana, her voice rising as though she was worried that I might hurt the old man’s ego. “Do you see anyone else around that could volunteer as lure?” asked the robed man. “That’s what I thought,” he said to my lack of response. “There is no one else in this realm apart from us. Clearly, we

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