Forty-Eight - The Hunt

1679 Words

You can never banish me, the voice inside my head teased. I will be with you forever. A cold wave of dread crept down the length of my spine as I stared at the Legionnaire in front of us. He looked like a normal human being, but something in his cold green eyes told me that he’s more than anything we have ever faced. His fair features held no sign of remorse even as he watched Gusion burn into ashes. “Now that the traitor is gone,” Marchosias said, his voice like icy daggers. “Hand me what I am owed. Give me the Angel’s Belt.” “That would be a no, demon.” Lyana tied the now-dull Belt around her waist. “If you want the Belt, you have to go through me.” She raised the arm that held her shield and it burst with golden light. “And me,” added Magat as he awakened the powers of the gauntlet

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