The Alpha's Curvy Urban Mate

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Ji’lahni’s POV: Mina! "Where the hell are we? We're in the middle of nowhere." I yelled. "We're about to come up missing out here in these damn woods!" Shawna whined from the back seat. "Ji'lahni, I swear this is where the address you gave me took us to. I followed it exactly as that Google lady told me." Mina said, looking confused and a little scared. We have been driving since four this morning and it was now almost seven pm, and we still haven't made it to the Crystal Wolf Lake Reserve. I'm pretty sure that my legs are numb and my ass died four hours ago. We were supposed to be performing for a mating anniversary and also planning something they called a mating ceremony for our good friend Lateri Crystal. She took our dance class to Spruce up her love life six months ago. She was sixty years old, but she had aged beautifully, she looked at least forty-five. She had long beautiful, curly brown hair, hazel eyes that changed color whenever she was excited or happy. We noticed that whenever she got a tough dance move, or a compliment when she remembered the choreography, her eyes would change color. She had beautiful tanned skinned, it was almost like it had a golden glow, like an Egyptian goddess. We became her instant daughters; she called us every Wednesday night at the same time and we would talk for hours. She really has become important to us since we are all the family we had. Our parents died in an accidental fire during Christmas seven years ago. Mina was sixteen, me and Shawna were eighteen and we have been together ever since. It's weird that they call it a mating ceremony instead of just saying a wedding, but oh well, with the money they're paying us they can call it whatever the hell they want. Me and my cousins were the owners and operators of JMS Wedding planning and also owners of JMS dance studio for BBW women like us. We mostly dance to sexy sensual, hip-hop, r&b, and even some pop music. We each had our specialty. Mina was hip hop r&b; Shawna was r&b and pop and I do sensual and r&b. We also added self-defense classes with our best friend Lynn, who is a bad ass at everything crossbow, shooting, sword, and martial art. She's BBW as well, we met her in college, and we have been inseparable ever since. She has also been training us for the past five years, yes we can do it all. We have to work twice as hard, and we have our limits, but we always said work smarter not harder. So, we had to learn how to use our skills differently. We train every day and although we're not as good as Lynn, but please UNDERSTAND we can damn sure make her ass stumble. That's saying a lot since she was black and Asian and has been training since she came out of the womb. She would have been with us in these damn woods, but she had family stuff, so she won't get here until tomorrow. But we do have her toys in the trunk just in case we have to f**k some s**t up out here. We're supposed to be staying here for the next three weeks until the wedding, because we live so far away, it made sense for us to just stay until after the mating ceremony. They paid us so well that we would have stayed longer if they asked. The bride is Lateri's soon to be daughter-n-law which I don't think she likes her all that well. While she was taking our class, she would roll her eyes at the mention of her daughter-n-law. Come to think of it, I don't think she told us that woman’s name until she asked us to do the mating ceremony. But she loved her son and talked about Makahi Crystal every single time we talked. She said it was time that he settled down and started a family. Since him and the name we cannot mention have been dating for three years, it was time they sealed the deal, even if she don't like her "uppity ass." Her words not mine. She was hoping that he would find his Luna, she called it, don't ask me what that means because I don't know. But giving this is a Mating ceremony, I just chucked it up to, it must be a cultural thing. She seemed like an earthy type person who walks barefoot outside, preferred sleeping outside on the ground, and living off the land so to speak. Far different from our southern asses. Don't get me wrong we're country and definitely know how to farm, cook, garden, and build things to survive. We learned that from our grandparents and parents, but that was a different time for them. Even though we lived that way back then, we have also evolved as well. So, we not doing none of that survival s**t, unless we have to, like an apocalypse or some s**t. About three months ago Lateri called me and asked that we do her son's wedding, sorry mating, and performed for her anniversary. We essentially declined, due to the fact that she was halfway across the country in a place that we have never even heard of, and we would be losing money if we tried to plan that at our rates. But she wouldn't take no for an answer and offered us damn near what we would make in a year. So here we are, we flew as far as we could and rented a car to travel the rest of the way, which is where we are at the present time lost as hell. "Look, pull over so we can get Lynn's guns out the trunk, because it's getting dark. I'll be scared as hell even with a gun, but hopefully fear will make me pull the trigger. Because being mauled by a bear or a damn mountain lion, won’t be fun at all. That would be some f****d up s**t ,for three black women to be killed in the damn woods. You know damn well black folks don't do the woods at night, hell not even in the day if we think big ass animals are in them. Mina pulled over and I hopped out to get Lynn's bags. "And get the knives too we gone be tomb raider out here." Shawna said. Mina looks at Shawna through the rear-view mirror frowning. "And what the hell you gone do with them knives? Yea you know how to use them, but you know damn well you hate violence of any kind." Mina teased. Shawna hated conflict she was quiet, reserved, avoided arguing, and drama. Mina on the other hand was smart mouthed and could back it up. As for me, I observe and speak only when spoken to, you get the same energy you give me. I don’t like to fight but I will if you cross the line, and we always protect each other no matter what. Getting back in the car handing Shawna the bag of goodies. "Here, I just got the whole bag. I wasn’t standing out there all that long time, trying to find that stuff.” I said, closing the car door. " Damn this s**t is heavy, I can see right now that Lynn is planning on working our asses to death. I thought we would catch a small break for three weeks, but she damn near brought everything she has in her studio." Shawna sighed heavily. "You already knew Lynn wasn’t giving us no damn break. You remember what happened last year when we took a week off to vacation in the Bahamas. We damn near died when we got back in the studio, because our dumb asses tried to do our classes, then turned around and tried to do hers." I shuddered at the remembered pain in every part of my body, fingernails included. We literally crawled into our apartment every day for two weeks straight. I feel like at least two of those nights, we just slept at the front door until after two am. Another half hour had me dozing off. I was exhausted because we have literally been up for three days straight: prepping, planning, and organizing for this trip. "Hey look, I think I see something, it looks like some kind of guard shack." Mina said tapping me on the shoulder. I hopped up on full alert praying that we had finally made it. "Thank God I hope we're in the right place or they can tell us where to go.” Shawna said, zipping the weapons back up only halfway, just in case we needed to move quick if whoever this is tried to kidnap us. I don’t blame her because you never know in these damn woods, but here we f*****g go. I don't know why but I feel like this is about to be some weird s**t we're not use to. I hope we're not walking into some type of hippy weird s**t where folks walk around with their ass, titties, and d***s out. Like the people who just be having s*x with any and everybody. I may be open minded and respect people's culture but don't think I'm joining in none of that s**t. Now Mina and Shawna would definitely consider joining, because them some damn horny Bitches, but anyway, here goes nothing. Makahi: POV “KAHI! Are you even listening?!” My mother yelled so loudly that even my Beta Montego flinched. Sighing, “Yes mom I heard you, but I told you I have a call with the other alphas in this region because of the recent rogue attacks. We’re trying to figure out if they are growing in numbers and are planning an even bigger attack. I asked you to postpone the ceremony until we have this thing sorted out.” I growled into the phone, not happy at all that I couldn’t get her to change her mind about inviting human women to our pack lands because they are far too weak to protect themselves and I will have to command all unmated males to not touch them. As well as make sure the children don’t turn in front of them. God forbid if they saw one of us turn into a wolf, it would be a nightmare to clean up. Some humans know about our kind, but it’s mostly those who do business with us or had a run in with a random rogue. But for the most part, humans don’t know about werewolves, and we prefer to keep it that way. Still yelling “Kahi, I told you how important this was to me, and we need to expose our children to humans while they are young and teach them how to act when they encounter them. I realized that we knew very little about humans when your father stepped down as alpha, and we went on a yearlong road trip visiting our relatives in other packs and sightseeing, which is how I met my beautiful chocolate drops. Besides, we’re the strongest pack in this damn country. No rogue wolf would dare think of breaching our borders. We became the most feared pack in the country by being smart and also training our pups as soon as they learned to walk. That happened because of your great-grandparents, grandparents, your parents and now you, as the Alpha of Crystal Wolf Lake, is why no one is worried about a few rogue attacks hundreds of miles away.” My mother said with confidence. Which was very true. We were said to be the strongest and the most feared because of our strength and our ability to stay ten steps ahead of our enemies, which all it really took was to observe and to learn your enemy and plan and execute them before they even know we were there. That’s how those before me did it and that’s how I do it, which is why this phone call was so important. I need every piece of information down to what those rogues were wearing. Yes, I’m that thorough.” Hearing my mother sighing again, I snapped out of my thoughts. “Besides Kahi, I really miss my girls. We talk every week. I feel like I know them, just like I know you. They’re so beautiful with their milk chocolate skin and deep, blue-colored eyes except my Lynn. She’s more caramel with dark chocolate eyes, and they are quite curvy as well, not like that skin and bones you’re mating, but they’re big girls who are smart, funny, very light on their feet for being humans, but they’re total sweethearts, and we bonded during our stay in South Carolina. They are like the daughters I never had.” My mother said sadly. Rolling my eyes. “You wouldn’t feel that way if you gave Summer a chance, she will be your daughter in a few weeks.” I responded. I smiled because I could literally hear my mother roll her eyes so hard through the phone. “Listen, I told you, I’ll be civil towards her because you’re going to mate her and have me some grand babies, but that’s all you’re gonna get. She is very rude, disrespectful, has no empathy or compassion, for none of the women in our pack, she doesn’t spend time with none of the other pack members besides her uppity ass friends. Do you know she hasn’t started her Luna training yet, and that’s a big job because being a Luna isn’t about having a pretty face. You have to know how to connect with the entire pack and make sure that they’re nurtured because the Luna is the heart of the entire pack.” My mother finished in a stressful tone. I sighed in frustration because I knew she was right. Summer has been putting off training and is totally focused on herself and her friends' dresses and what they want the mating ceremony to look like they want a big glamorous mating ceremony. We have argued more times about that in the last few weeks then we’ve ever argued. Summer was easily the prettiest alpha she-wolf in our pack, but she was also a skilled fighter and, although she doesn’t show it often or hardly ever, she was really smart and kind when she wanted to. Nobody thought that we would last because we are polar opposites. I’m your typical alpha, like a quiet storm reserved, feared, strong and protective of everyone within my borders. I have been known to show compassion on occasions, but I needed my members to respect me as their alpha and not their friend. So, no one was happy about me and summer’s mating ceremony, especially my mother, but once she found out what Summer had in mind for our mating, I thought my mother would blow a gasket, but she took that as the perfect opportunity to invite these human females, which Summer was so shocked at my mother’s excitement that she accepted without thinking twice. She real life thought she had finally softened my mother up and finally got her acceptance, which was far from reality, but she was so happy I couldn’t tell her the truth, so I made a deal with my mother that if she would be civil to Summer until the mating, then she could hire her precious humans. Which she readily agreed. With everything that Summer wanted for our ceremony, we will be flat broke once it’s over. This ceremony is so far out of the realm of the normal, which is usually our pack gathering at our moon goddess's sacred grounds, which is a magical area surrounded by four big Boulders that were blessed by the moon goddess thousands of years ago with a mating stone in the center of the grounds. It is also where we go. The magic and power on the night of the full moon is when we’re the strongest. Although we are strong even without a full moon, we’re five times stronger during a full moon. During a mating ceremony, we declare our bond to the moon goddess and ask for her blessing. Then we slice our hand and press it against the mating stone in the center of the circle while our elderly performs the mating ritual by speaking the language of old. When the stone glows, we know that the moon goddess has accepted our chosen mate. We then seal the mating ceremony by marking each other in human and then in wolf form. Once the mating is complete, everyone shifts and we go for a pack run in celebration, where we let loose, eat, play, hunt, and on occasion some even have s*x. We do it that way when we choose our mate, which happens at the age of thirty. Once, we have visited most packs without ever finding our other half mate, which is a piece of our wolf’s soul that the moon goddess took from each wolf and placed it into someone she has chosen for us. When our mate is near, our wolf feels an instant connection, that piece of our soul that our mate has. Our wolves. Although we are strong and fearless, they always feel incomplete without their mate's soul and it's always this ache that we both feel that will be there forever and only get worse as we age. We get angrier and more aggressive, and some wolves have even lost their minds after they hit thirty. That is why, as the alpha, I’m required to take a chosen mate at twenty-five, if I haven’t mated and claimed my other-half mate. I’ve loved only Summer for the past three years and we have talked about what we would do if we met our other half before we mate, and she feels that we should reject them immediately before we get consumed with the need to mate and mark them. She believes that she cannot love another as she loves me, and I feel the same, but I also have no idea how it would be if I ever met my other half. Other wolves have rejected their mated half for another, but it is very rare, but it has happened. It’s very painful for a wolf to reject its other-half mate because it’s said to anger the moon goddess, because she chose your mated half, so she made it painful to go against who she has chosen for you. Which is why I didn’t agree with it, but I didn’t disagree either. I kind of let it float in the air because I didn’t feel like it was important to make that promise when I felt that I would never meet my other half anyway. “I swear, Kahi, I will hang up this phone and send your father to drag your ass out of there if you don’t show up to our party tonight at the very least. Because my girls will be performing for me and your father.” My mother yelled. “OK Mother, I will do my best to get to your mating anniversary, which isn’t a real thing, by the way. But as soon as I’m done, I will be there to meet my adopted human siblings. You just make sure you put them in the house on the west side at the very end, away from the well-populated area in the back. That is practically deserted except for the older pack members who rarely shift anymore.” I said, trying to end this call with my mother so I can find out what is going on with the sudden random rogue attacks so far. I’ve heard there was a small number of rogue attacks, maybe twenty plus rogue wolves, but they seemed to be excellent fighters, like they were being trained, which was unusual because rogues tend to be mindless blood-lust beasts that thrive on the most basic elements of wolves, was to hunt and kill any and everything. So, regardless of my mother’s confidence, I can’t let our ego make it the reason we lose any of my wolves for being overly cocky. We can’t take these attacks for granted and be unprepared. “Ok fine, be there by 10pm, that’s when my girls are to perform. OK, I gotta go. They should be arriving soon, and I need to get ready and meet them at the main gate to make sure Shadow doesn’t scare them away. I hope he doesn’t scare them half to death. I don’t know why you didn’t put Montego on duty. He’s easier on the eyes than Shadow, who never smiles or shows any kind of human trait. My mother said, snapping me out of my thoughts. “Mother, you know Montego has to be a part of the phone call and Shadow isn’t that bad. I tried to hold in my laughter when Montego nearly spit out the water he was drinking, because I purposely put Shadow on guard at the main gate, hoping the humans would turn tale and runaway. Shadow is the scariest and deadliest wolf out here after me and Montego, of course, he was a man of very few words, and he always sticks to the shadows. He doesn’t like anyone; he has always been a loner since his mate died a few years ago. Some say he used to have a beautiful smile and he was kind, passionate, and talkative. But I’ve never seen it, so I labeled it as a fairytale. “Ok mother, see you later tonight at the never before mating anniversary party.” I said, before hanging up, with my mother threatening to smack my nose for speaking to her like that. So, we’re really letting human women in our pack for three weeks. Are you sure that this is a good idea?" Montego asked, seated across from me at my desk. "Nope, this is a horrible idea, but this is the only way to make sure my mother behaves, until my mating ceremony, and Summer was on top of the world thinking she had finally got my mom’s blessing. She has even started calling her mom. You should have seen my mother trying not to curse her out and tell her don’t ever call her mom. I almost passed out holding in my laugh, when my mom was trying to say something nice to Summer. So, if these human women can keep mom on her best behavior, I’ll have to make sure nothing goes wrong, which is why this call is so important. But remind me to double patrol around the area where the humans will be and tell them to stay out of sight in their wolf form for god's sake." I said, already getting a headache because of these humans and they haven’t even gotten here yet. The phone rings breaking my chain of thoughts. Time to find out what the hell these rogues are up to.
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