Holo what?

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Amelia had never experienced an erotic simulation before, so she wasn't quite sure what to expect. The plush room she entered, however, seemed oddly empty. Past the creamy couch and large king sized poster bed, she noticed open terrace doors. Maybe the AI character would be out in the courtyard, she thought, smoothing her hands against her upper thighs. Feeling the silky, thin material under her fingers. she glanced down at herself. She was in a sheer green silky dress, two long slits on either side in the front parted as she walked, brushing against her skin. Making her way out into the courtyard, Amelia dipped her bare foot into the round pool there, admiring the reflection of sparkling starlight. The simulation was an infinite starlit night, she sighed with appreciation, forgetting momentarily that she was looking for the AI character. * * * Vince rolled his eyes as he entered the simulation, noting his automatic wardrobe change had left him half naked. Even as an awkward teen just realizing his varied passions, he had never had much interest in erotic simulators. The characters always seemed to fall short to his tastes, and he wasn't able to maintain interest. Speaking of, he had no idea where the AI character of this simulation was. "Hello?" He called out, about to leave the simulation, under the assumption the character had somehow leaked out into the library. A sudden splashing sound changed his mind, and he made his way out to the courtyard. Emerging from the pool there, with long hair and thin material clinging to every voluptuous curve, was the hologram woman. Her green eyes seemed to glow, and Vince swallowed, thinking the visuals in the simulator were undeniably exemplary. Eyes locked with hers, he extended a hand to her, to pull her out of the water. * * * Amelia's breath caught as she made eye contact with the tall shirtless man, muscles rippling over his torso as he reached out a hand to her to pull her from the pool. She placed her palm in his, and he easily pulled her up and out of the water and into the circle of his arms. "Hi," she whispered, forcing herself to look up from his broad strong chest with its light dusting of black hair and into his eyes. His eyes were an ocean storm, streaks of blue and grey with flecks of green. She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth, skin alight were it touched his. She had never imagined an AI character could seem so incredibly real. Then his hand was on her face, his thumb lightly brushing her lip out of the worrying trap of her lips, his fingers caressing her jaw. A fierce look in his eyes, he lowered his mouth to hers, his tongue licking at the seam of her lips, seeking entrance into her mouth. She opened to him with a gasp, pressing her thighs together and arching her body into his as his hands made their way to her ass. * * * Vince had never felt this aroused by a simulated character before, he was loosing his self control. He didn't need to engage in the full benefits of the simulation to know that the character's sensual interactions were clearly unhindered by whatever system error was present, but he couldn't seem to pull himself away. He was drinking from this kiss as though he had been dying of thirst and this was the last glass of water for miles. He slid a hand farther, down her ass, dipping his fingers between her legs. Then she was out of his arms, she'd pushed away from his chest. A shy blush caught on her high cheekbones, and she pressed a hand to her chest, as though she could calm down the thunder of a heartbeat racing from excitement. "Here, come back inside." He gestured to her, thinking he'd better make sure the simulation worked in the main room, not just the courtyard. She nodded slightly and walked past him, instantly her clothes and hair became dry again inside the room, the whispy material swirling about her legs, carrying a current of motion from the sway of her hips. * * * Amelia wasn't sure what to do, the simulation was overwhelming... and to think she'd thought this would be the same as m**********n. The character seemed so real, almost as if he'd been modeled off a real person, though that was highly illegal. She wasn't sure what to say to a simulated character, and she felt on edge. She'd never even dated, as there weren't too many people in the rural Montana countryside she'd grown up in. She was no stranger to game simulations, but this was something entirely different. As she neared the couch, she felt large hands on her waist, turning her, and she looked up to see the AI character leaning in to kiss her again. "You're beautiful." She blurted, and he stopped, smiling a little. "What?" He asked, and she felt her nerves tumble about inside her. "I said you're beautiful, but I mean, I guess that's obvious, or maybe I should say handsome, though I think its silly to have separate words still for masculine and feminine beauty in this day, and oh boy, I'm rambling." She snapped her mouth closed and stamped down her embarrassment, this wasn't a real person, so she shouldn't be embarrassed. He gave her an odd look, then a hearty laugh burst from his lips. "How adorable," he said, brushing her hair back from her face. * * * Vince was shocked, this was the most unusual simulation he'd ever been in. The character was inconceivable. He'd never known an AI simulation to have such clear facets of personality. As he brushed the hair back from her face, he realized he was feeling stirrings of genuine affection. Genuine affection. For an AI! He shook his head, remembering that he should be testing this simulation, and slid his hand farther, to cup the back of her head again. He lunged into the kiss, before the character could catch him with any other distracting surprises. She moaned and arched into him, her shyness seemed forgotten, and he brought his other hand up skimming from her waist to cup her breast, flicking a finger over her n****e. For a moment she seemed to melt into him, then she was pushing away again. "Sorry this is so fast, just give me a second" she said holding her hand out in front of her, as though she was warding him off. Ah, so this must be the system bug, he realized, the character just keeps resetting back to the shy phase, as though she's caught in a loop. He nodded at this realization and she sighed in relief. "Thanks," she murmered, "this is just way more intense than I expected a simulation to be." Wait, what? "A simulation?" He asked, what the hell was going on? "Oh, sorry, you probably aren't programmed to understand that... oh, or programming, gosh, I mean, just ignore me. Please." Now Vince was extraordinarily confused. It wasn't possible, was it? There were layers upon layers of protections to keep clients' simulations separate. This woman couldn't be a real person, surely. "Ah, let's maybe dial it back for a second." He said, his mind racing. If it was a client, the individual had to be on the flight, the shuttle network was self contained. "Here, come sit down." He sat on the couch and patted the cushion next to him. But her face was in a panic, and she was shaking her head. "Oh gosh, I need to go, I can't do this," she said and made the exit sign with her hand, disappearing from the simulation. s**t. Now he felt sure it had to be a real woman. Quickly he made the exit sign himself, but the woman was gone, the library empty except for him, just as it should be. He looked back at the bookshelf and typed in the programming to isolate the hologram like book. If there were breaches in the privacy firewalls, it was a serious issue. He spent the rest of the flight checking the rest of the library for similar inconsistencies, with a team of specialists on the flight that he called in in moments, then detached from the simulation as the hour to arrival warning sounded. He still needed to order food and drink, and contact the necessary staff to get a flight log. He'd have to come up with some sort of gift for the woman in recompense for the privacy breach.
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