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Alpha Dale's POV My name is Dale McKnight, Alpha of all Rogues ever since my childhood best friend died. I remember that every day; we were all at the battlefield. I’ve watched all the Rogues we trained; die in front of my eyes. It was a mess. The sight of it was explainable. I mean, there was nothing left but bloodshed. I just don’t want to describe it. When Esmeralda showed up to the field, I was ready to fight her but Alpha Rogue held me back. Alpha Rogue wanted to deal with Esmeralda. When Ash McKenzie collapsed on the floor, Esmeralda rushed to his side in tears and full of rage. That rage of her was very scary I just wanted to get out of their as quick as I can. I had no idea, she was this powerful. When the last words from Ash were spoken out to Esme, oh man, she had lost it and started glowing. At that very moment, I was a coward and ran back to my house. I didn’t want to deal with her anymore. Not my problem anymore. Esmeralda used the Earth Element to shake the grounds. When she used it, I started losing control, I almost fell flat on my face but just my luck, and there was a tree nearby. The tree stopped me from falling. I held onto the tree like if it was my life. Esme was so scary. I’ve looked back to she was and I saw a ball of fire coming out of her palms. ‘What the Fuck.’ Esmeralda used the Fire Element to burn all Rogues into ashes that were nearby. Good thing I was far along or else I’ve wood of been toast. Oh man, she just cast that fireball and destroyed all Rogues just like that. Have anybody watched the movie Avengers: Infinity War? It’s like that last scene when everyone turns into ashes and disappears. Ah, that was so creepy. It’s like they were never here. I have noticed 13 other Rogues retreated as well and fled back to their homelands without Esmeralda noticing. Good thing some retreated on time. They have escaped death. When I’ve noticed Alpha Rogue was not one of the 13 Rogues that retreated, I was heartbroken. He was my childhood best friend and I have lost him on the battlefield. I must do something about it. I must gather up a new plan to destroy Esmeralda.  On my way back home, I ran and didn’t stop until I was home. I didn’t want to get caught in her rage. I took a long way back home and spotted 200 Rogues camping out. I’ve made a stop and asked Rogues to join me and I would provide them food, water and a place to stay. They agreed to join me and we ran back to my castle. Once we got there, I did promise to give the Rogues a place to stay, food and water, so it was granted. I have a plan and I need more Rogues. I am going to build a new army to take down Esmeralda, dead. After seeing what Esme can do, instead of kidnapping her, I just want to kill her instead. She is too powerful and power was something that I want. She must go. Maybe if I kill her, I will conceive her powers and rule all werewolves. Could you imagine me ruling all werewolves? It would be a wish that may come true. I just hope it’s true. If not, at least I won’t be scared for my life, if we ever come across from each other. I’m too young to die. As the days go by, I have built and an army of 600 Rogues including myself and the first 13 that survived the battle.  After 2 years, I was able to find more Rogues totaling 1000 Rogues all together. We still need more. All Rogues agreed to make me Dale McKnight, Alpha of all Rogues. Right away, I’ve agreed and took that position. I am very happy to be known as Dale McKnight, Alpha of all Rogues, ruler and the destroyer. I will be building a larger army than before. I’ve already sent out my best trackers to find more Rogues to join our pack of Rogues. I’m very determined to take on this new quest of mine, to destroy the Queen for good. ‘Soon, I will avenge you, my friend!’
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