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The doors to the home was slammed opened. The girl's father was out of breath and ran to picked up his wife and kids. "Mommy?" The young girl looked up at her mother when she picked her and her brother up, leading them to the closet at the bedroom. "Honey, listen to me okay? You must stay here and protect your brother. No matter what you hear, you must be quiet and don't come out okay.?" Her mother's panicked voice alerted her that this wasn't a joke. She timidly nodded and held her 3 year old brother in her arms. Her mother sent them a sad yet loving smile at them placing a knife next to her and locked the door to the closet. She knew her daughter would be traumatized But it was too late. The front door downstair was clicked open as she stood protectively against the door. She could hear everything from their room. The father of the girl stared wide eyed at the man before him. He was no afraid of him But was afraid for his family from him. "It's been ages, ain't it Jack?" The man smiled wickedly at him swinging his g*n that was on his hand. "No. Kennedy, we can talk about it... " Jack tried to reasoned But the cold metal pointing at him said otherwise. A sickening gunshot rang through the house. "Too late mate. You should think that before you two ran from me." And he continued his way up the bedroom. The girl wondered why her mother was panicking. Today was supposed to be her 10th birthday, But her thoughts were interrupted when a gunshot rang through the halls with her father's scream ringing along with it. Hesitantly, she snuck a peak from the hole in the closet. But she soon regretted it of what she saw. Her mother was held at gunpoint. With a man smiling sickly at her. "Marian. It's a pleasure to see you again." The man said. "Kennedy, please. You don't have to do this!" Her mother all But shouted at the man. "Àu Çoun Tre my dear. You both was on my hit list for awhile now. I'm just getting my job done." And he fired his shot, hitting Marian through her heart. The girl sat frozen as she clung her brother tight to her chest. She was lucky her brother was a heavy sleeper. But what she heard and saw was already haunting her. Her fears grew when she heard footsteps coming her way. And she turned in fear as the locked closet doors opened, reveling the man who killed her parents. Tears welt up from her eyes when she saw her mother's dead figure as well as the cold metal from the side of her head. "Sorry kid. Well maybe not. It's required for you to die." The man said as he was about to pull the trigger when something slashed across his arm. His arm pulled away as he stared wide eyes at the hand of the little girl. A knife. When he looked at his arm, it was bleeding nonstop. 'She cut-ted deep ' he thought. When he was about to raised his g*n again he was shocked when the girl jumped from the closet and stabbed his in the chest, hard, again and again. His eyes flickered to the girl's face, it was stone cold, not even guilt was laced in them. Just pure nothingness.. 'What a cold child ' was his last thought before he died. Surrounded in black pain. The girl stared blankly at the now dead man. She didn't knew what was going on when she grabbed the knife her mother left her and cut his arm. She wasn't satisfied though. She had to protect her brother, so she jumped at him ad he raised the g*n again. And stabbed him through his chest again and again. Her mind was set in revenge for her parents. And she did. But what disgusted herself was she felt no remorse or guilt in killing him. Just numb. Like nothing happened. That day, was the day her life changed forever. The day she was brought to the world of blood.
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