Chapter 1

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Amelia remained on the eastern pinnacle of Sleipnir, one of the five mysterious institutes at this point found in the Northern and Southern Continents. She looked out across the rich backwoods underneath, a residency comprising of for the most part powerless beasts and creatures going from the more generally known one-horned bunny to the rarespawn ruler sludge. Beasts of this level represented no danger to the wizard, her level and stuff out of sight what most Transients would consider the fitting level and stuff for the encompassing region beneath. She had played the game Awakened Aspirations, or AA, for longer than a year at this point and was wearing easygoing blue robes with a Chronicler book that hung freely from a very much cherished calfskin tie across her hip, the two of which helped her acumen, shrewdness, and endurance to specific little degrees. Indeed, even in her somewhat oversimplified attire that wasn't ostentatious at all, she far surpassed her friend who wore the straightforward dim robes that Master Residents spend significant time in enchantment wore. Grandmaster Instructor Helena was actually her boss, however, as a Resident could never arrive at the zeniths to which a Transient like Amelia could try. As a Transient Amelia would step up and gain insight and things though the game produced Resident, Helena, would likely consistently be something similar. In any case, Amelia believed that even Residents had their own respectability. They were unbelievably mind-boggling developments intended to reenact genuine individuals all things considered. A significant number of them would trick the many tests accessible that were intended to find advanced personas, basically on a passage level. Amelia had been brought here by her low maintenance work ace for an exceptional planned occasion. The journey had been vague with the exception of the limited time window in which it would be accessible, and she had rushed home from her night classes at the University of Illinois and wore her Neura Dive gear, anxiously anticipating the brief that would start the evening. "You realize that there were universes before this one?" The more seasoned lady at long last asked, turning her grave dark look toward Amelia. "I let you know this since you have become very dear to me, and I dread what the future might hold for you. Instructing here was a solicitation made to you months prior however nobody anticipated that you should remain on as long as you have. The understudies love you, however, most Transients would have left at this point in the inquiry of more heartfelt experience." Amelia had been stirring up her standing and popularity in the institute by showing simple classes and ȧssisting the Residents in preparing new players in a large number of the instructional exercise courses presented for nothing by Sleipnir, a renowned enchanted foundation in the Brack Kingdom. Honestly, it had been on the grounds that she partook in the work and meeting individuals who were new to the game, yet in enormous part, it had basically been on the grounds that a portion of the prearranged exchanges of the Residents had interested her after she had been hanging around for over a month. As her trust and acclaim went up, a portion of the Residents would start murmuring as she passed. The status screen would just give her bits of those discussions. "...think...the one?" "...just a legend." "No chance! Instru... would never...." " about the" Amelia had taken the time and the free amateur assets given to her to step up her speculative chemistry and chronicling, callings that earned no prompt advantage to traveller Transients except for were fascinating in their ability for development. In AA abilities were progressed through virtual activity; or, in other words, assuming you needed to make something in the game you proceeded to find, were given, or purchased fixings and you shaped things through experimentation based experimentation much as you did in reality. Besides in this world, you have conceded rewards to your abilities through proceeding with experimentation that helped you later on the production of plans you had opened through your own power. The servers were truly something different, she reflected. All things considered, it amazed her that she had burnt out on speculative chemistry not long into the game. The majority of the parts and devices utilized for it sat drowsily in her stock. "Amelia?" Helena provoked, making Amelia leave away from her musings and grin at the more established lady. "Sorry Helena, I was tuning in, simply thinking. You needed to educate me regarding the world before this one?" Amelia attempted to look mindful as the mission exchange began. Amelia internally reprimanded herself for scattering during such a critical point in time. It would hurt her standing assuming that she just gazed vacantly or needed to have Helena rehash her words. "Universes," Helena revised. "Indeed, however, it is only an inclination I figure I should inform you concerning the jail tower." "Jail tower?" Amelia addressed her forehead angling. Was there such a zone in this keep? She guessed it was anything but no joking matter to leave the foundation in case it was needful. "Indeed, however, I can say no more until I have your assertion," Helena advised. Not shocking Amelia at all at this point, the AAO world warning window used to disclose journeys or to peruse history minutes sprung up toward the edge of her vision clarifying the idea of the solicitation in somewhat more detail. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Journey - Level 4 - Helena wishes to let you know the mystery of the jail tower, yet won't tell you until you have committed to staying discreet. When sworn she will show you to the jail tower and request that you play out an undertaking. - Chain Quest - This journey will prompt a level 3 Quest. - Cmqniuoamr: Huiurf jaii ouii wmp vuz luhzuo. Ymp jaii efar Pzalmr Tmjuz cuw, plu 1/1. - Decline: Helena won't ever address you about it again, and your closeness with Helena will be unsalvageably harmed. - Failure: If during the term of the mission, you confess to others of the mystery, share the journey, or come up short in the undertaking you will be promptly removed from Sleipnir, no other mysterious institutes will give you journeys, Helena will be crushed and will not have anything to do with you for the remainder of this person crusade. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Amelia flickered uncertainly, peering toward the states of the journey she was going to get. An L4 journey was in fact a party mission level. Journeys changed from 10 and up and it was around the Level 5 region or somewhere around there that you expected to begin searching for individuals your level to go with you. Since this was a lower level region it would likely be fine, as Amelia had simply arrived at level 32, however, wasn't this somewhat unexpected to unveil a position 4 journey to her while she was separated from everyone else? She additionally couldn't tell anybody so any party development could never occur. She nibbled her lip, looking at the decay choice. It was actually a difficult decision. She needed to acknowledge the mission, yet the punishments for disappointment were outrageous. She had known about being removed and restricted from institutes and towns before through disappointment in critical missions yet those were Level 2 and Hidden Level 1 journeys, journeys thought to be the hardest and generally complex in the game. They were regularly missions that couldn't be set off again and were the loathed last-minute kind, making arranging futile. In the event that she bombed it would be nothing to joke about. Having such punishments authorized may even have repercussions in the Southern Continent. "I... appreciatively acknowledge and guarantee that whatever you let me know I will keep a secret forever." As if Amelia had a decision! Notwithstanding the cerebral pain she felt shaping, the elderly person appeared to be fulfilled and grinned giving her a dark lacquered key. "Allow us to go to the room then, at that point. Find an entryway and utilize the key. Lock the entryway, and afterwards open it and we will be coming." Helena said. Amelia had an unexpected feeling that this would not have been the otherworldly night she had imagined. An instant transportation key that could be utilized on ANY entryway... She constrained a grin. "Indeed, that is a smart thought. Would you be able to tell me as we go then, at that point?" "At the point when we are through the entryway," Helena demanded. Aquiaf immcut fo ovu mit jmqfr frt rmout ovfo vuz foouqno om gu liw vft guur ovjfzout. Aquiaf hmpit vfsu iut vuz om tadduzuro tmmzl jvuzu ovu hvfrhu md guare msuzvufzt gw movuz Tzfrlaurol jfl nmllagiu. Id Huiurf vft guur ovu mru om uknifar ovu luhzuo frt ao jfl msuzvufzt Aquiaf vft ovmpevo dmz f qmquro lvu qaevo vfsu emoour mpo md oval lptturiw nfardpi L4 ypulo. Irlouft, ovfo nfzoahpifz vmnu tflvut, lvu laqniw jficut om ovu uteu md ovu omjuz ovfo iuft om ovu lofazjuii frt himlut ovu mnur tmmz. Svu zufhvut dmz ovu imhc jaov ovu cuw... frt... jfl ovuzu zufiiw f imhc mr oval tmmz gudmzu? Svu guefr dzmjrare fl lvu imhcut ovu tmmz frt primhcut ao. Svu mnurut ao dpii md tzuft frt ozunatfoamr frt jfl f iaooiu lvmhcut jvur ao ljpre mnur uflaiw. Nmovare bpqnut mpo fo vuz frt rm ourlu foqmlnvuzu prdmitut mz frwovare uilu ovfo qaevo vfsu movuzjalu artahfout f gfooiu luypurhu fvuft. Helena strolled past her into a pinnacle that Amelia had never seen before populated by three sculptures and various shelves and drawing tables. Amelia conveyed after her, interest starting to overpower her fear. She peered out the window and was amazed to observe that the night sky that welcomed her was the very one that she had been appreciating before. She was watching out over the other four pinnacles of Sleipnir, which must be that this was a covered up or undetectable FIFTH pinnacle. That... was somewhat inconceivable right? Did she simply stagger on something cracking amazing? She began to get invigorated in light of the fact that it was minutes like these that made the game incredible. Spots that opened up and were uncovered that no Transient had at any point seen. Indeed, even the engineers of the game in some cases had no foresight of the substance that the immense centre of AA would produce. Deeply. Implying that when a Transient was the principal individual to see another region it was practically similar to establishing a banner and pronouncing this land was for Spain, or any place satisfies you.  "Amazing, I'm so glad to be alive," Amelia mumbled, attempting to crush her energy and fizzling. "Presently then..." Helena started, reminding Amelia that there was an errand included. "Come here and I will enlighten you concerning the Devil in White." "Devil..?" Amelia pivoted, pushing toward the three sculptures that Helena was remaining before and looking closely at them interestingly.
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