r****h by the King

492 Words
√3rd Person's POV√ King Shun Yu was not a king in an empire city, but being called by a king in her Empire Society also known as the Dark Angel Society. "King. r****h me Make me your slave please.." a Famous bisexual model named Brittany is begging for Shun Yu to take them as her slave, but shun yu coldly stared at the girl who is kneeling and kisses Shun Yu's hands. Shun Yu bend his left knee for a kneel like she's proposing marriage, she touches the girl's cheeks softly that making the girl close her eyes, "Why do you want to be my slave then.." Shun Yun coldly ask the girl her cold stare and cold voice didn't shake the girl and Shun Yu love's it, she didn't want a girl who is shaking and who was afraid of her. "I Just want you to r****h my body, make me your slave and fill me with your toys.." Seductive yet playfully said by Brittany, Shun Yu Stared at the girl and smile, "Come.." Shun Yu Stand and walk, Brittany's still on her knees, she's in a trance and shock for that handsome smile Shun Yu gives her then she Realizes Shun Yu was too far now, She's half running and chasing Shun Yu. "We-Were are we Going?" Brittany asks and inhales, she's out of breath chasing, Shun Yu didn't even answer and just walking on her way to her room. "Here put that and sit on the bed.." Shun Yu throw a handcuff at Brittany, Brittany was even shocked when she realizes they are starting. "Ye-Yes King.." Brittany shattered and she sits on King's bed and handcuffed her hands, while Shun Yu gets what she wants to do now. Shun Yu Sexily Lick her lips that make Brittany's body hot in weak with just that gesture, she knows she's in trouble now,  'So that was the Famous making your body weak gesture, that everyone says' .. in Brittany's Mind, Shun Yu put Brittany's handcuff hands on her neck, they are inches apart now, "What do you want my slave,.." Shun Yu ask seductively, "Kiss me, my King.." Brittany replied that making Shun Yu smirk then kiss that kissable lips and she was right it is delicious with a sweet scent that Brittany gives, Slowly while they are enjoying eating each other's lips, Shun Yu puts Brittany's body to bed. "what?" she ask then pout, she saw shun you smile, " Nothing.." she replied, and kiss her again she moans at the hot kisses they are sharing, "King~" She hugs King's Head for touching her legs slowly like she's teasing the hell out of her, "king~ please touch me~" she begs and waited again but Her king just laugh and put a blindfold in her eye, she can't she wants to argue but it's her king, Her King kisses her and kisses her again and she responds. "Now Let's start.." >>
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