Chapter 2- Take me

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Charlene was sitting alone in the bar, waiting for her next drinks to come. Guido brought her to the quietest yet safest club where she could drown her lonesomeness. She found the most reserved part of the bar as the music was non-stop booming and pumping around her. The patrons hadn’t arrived yet, so the club wasn’t that busy in the early hours. "You alone?" The deep baritone voice asked Charlene. Slowly turning her bar stool, she looked at the owner of the voice. His shoulders were propping behind the bar, his hard chest protrude, deliciously flexing in front of her. Charlene’s slender brow arched soon as she met his enticing orbs. Dark hair, check. Thick brows, check. Hazel eyes, check. A prominent nose, check. Chiseled jaw, check. Stubble, check. Thin lips, check. Broad arms, check. Legs? Seemed tall. She mentally ticked the guy's appearance as she ogled him. Smiling, "Nope," she said, "You just sat on my invisible friend's chair…" she kidded, narrowing her eyes as she scrunched her nose. 'You're drunk,' her fickle thoughts sneered, "I am not…" she answered, Chuckling, "You’re cute….” Max said, staring at the bright blue-eyed, curly-blonde hair, petite lady wearing a bare-back skimpy dress, sitting alone at the bar. He had been watching her as she heard her order two shots of green tea right away soon as she entered the club. He was sitting two seats away from her. “Merci, monsieur…” Charlene said in her trying-hard french accent. The two green-tea shots and glasses of wine were already dimming her sanity. He smiled at her, “Tell me, what does an American honey doing here in the city of love and romance?” Max asked. He knew right away the lady wasn’t a local. “How did you know?” Charlene asked in her drunken flirty voice. Max was about to answer when the bartender showed up, giving the lady's order. Another two green tea shots. "I just know it….” Max muttered, eyeing her choice of alcohol. It was very American if he may judge the drink she asked. “Oh…” Charlene said, “Share…” she said to the good-looking stranger. Sliding him the other glass. “I don’t drink green tea shots….” Max declined. Charlene rolled her eyes, “Oh, bummer,” she teased, “Beer?” narrowing her lids, she asked before looking at her drinks, Shaking his head as he grinned, “No beer tonight, babe,” Max answered, sliding back the tiny glass, Shrugging her shoulders, “You don’t want it? It's mine then….” Charlene muttered, drinking her two shots on a whim. Max smiled at the strange lady. Her favorite shots burned her throat instantly, “Wow! That’s dope….” Charlene exclaimed as she scrunched her face from its lovely taste. “I drink whiskey, though,” The man answered her. Smirking, “Tequilla?” Charlene asked, “I don’t like the taste,” “Same, how about B52,” “Gross,” “Couldn’t agree more with you, “How about rum?” he asked. Ignoring his words, “You don’t sound French….” Charlene butted, “Don’t I?” Nodding, “Yup, you sound cute,” she bluntly blurted before giggling. Max couldn’t help but laugh. The lady was terrible in flirting business. “Sorry, I must be drunk,” Charlene’s slowly clouding sanity said. Her four glasses of white wine from her dinner were adding up her body’s alcohol level. “Two at a time will make you drunk,” Max said, smugly smirking at the lady, “Yeah, I just want to drown myself with drinks, you know…” she said, ‘or maybe get laid as well’ her thoughts added, “Same.” “Drown yourself with drinks?” She asked, arching her brow, “No, get laid…” said his husky voice. Charlene couldn’t help but swallow her saliva out of embarrassment. Her drunk thoughts said her words out loud. “Ohhh…” Charlene’s mouth formed as she realized something. The god-like French man in front of her could be the answer to her and Adeline’s impracticable plan. Looking at the bartender, “Give me five shots of tequila and five shots of b52, merci,” she ordered before looking at Max. Max scowled. “Ten shots for us,” Charlene bluntly said, winking at him before looking at the bartender busy preparing pouring the tiny glasses, Looking back at the strange guy, “Since we both don’t like it, If you drink more, I’ll go with you. If I won, you’d leave me alone, deal?” Charlene said, looking intently at his dark orbs. “Fair enough, bebe,” Max agreed, “Perfect,” Charlene said, narrowing her eyes at him, “Ready?” she asked him, smirking. “Oui, Bebe,” Max replied, “Ready, set…” Before Charlene could say go, the man grabbed the five tiny glasses and drank their content on a whim, leaving her five more drinks on the table. Tapping the last glass on the bar, “Your turn!” Max said, looking at the five remaining shots on the table. Charlene’s mouth hung open, “You’re a cheat!” she complained, “No, I’m not!” He denied, “Go drink it,” Rolling her eyes, Charlene took the first two glasses and gulped them. Just when she was about to take the other two, Mr. Strange man stole the other one left on the table, "Cheers!" he said before downing it, Her eyes widened with his trick as she gulped the last two. “I won!” Max declared before standing up, grabbing her waists, nudging his head down on her ear, “You’re mine tonight,” he huskily whispered, Right then and there, Charlene’s sanity was entirely clouded with lust. Looking up, their eyes matched, starting a staring game as the base and speakers in the club began to pump-up louder music. “My place,” Max whispered, His mesmerizing eyes totally absorbed Charlene. There was a strange feeling starting to build up in her core. The alcohol slowly spread its effect in her body after taking over her sanity. Lifting her hand, she brushed his thick dark hair, making their faces inches closer. “Oui, Monsieur,” she hoarse, Soon as those words left her mouth, Max claimed her lips in a very passionate and hot kiss. The lady responded right away, clutching his back hair as she tried to deepen their contact. Max’s hands started to move, touching and pressing her warm bare thighs to her waist, spreading it to her cold, smooth back. Charlene’s other hand clutched his chest as she felt his busy hands exploring her slightly covered body. Breaking their kiss, “Let's go…” he whispered, lifting the lady as she got down from the high stool. Getting down the stool chair, Charlene looked up at the tall man who was as tall as Damien. "God, you're tall!" she huffingly complimented, "You're lovely," Max smugly replied, "Whatever..." Charlene said, seductively biting her lower lip Max gently grabbed Charlene’s hand, and they both walked outside the club. ~ Leaving the door, Max tugged Charlene to the car waiting outside. His driver opened the backseat door right away, letting his take-away get in first before him. Soon as they were inside, their eyes met once more. Charlene made the next quick move. She straddled on top of him as she looked at his eyes intently. “Take me…” She whispered before claiming his lips. There, they dueled their tongue as Max’s hands started to move again. Starting it from the thighs, then under the tiny tight dress. Charlene gasped as she felt his warm sizeable hands travel under her dress. He gently grabbed her soft behind as they continued sticking their tongues in each other’s throats. Max felt the string of her laced underwear underneath her dress as he busied his hand, plucking it before stroking her big butt. Caressing it, a soft moan whimpered out of her mouth. Clutching his shirt, Charlene’s mouth traveled from his mouth to his cheek, down to his jaw before softly kissing and nibbling his neck. She could feel his hand start to move from her behind towards the front where her lovely friend was resting. Max's fingers slowly moved under the tiny cloth, “You’re ready…” he mumbled, feeling her wet and dripping underwear. “I am…” she whispered, rolling her eyes as she felt him rubbing her clit in circles. Their almost endless making-out continued until the car stopped. Max opened the door and got out of the vehicle, his lady still straddling him. Charlene made sure her legs were wrapped securely on his waists, arms clinging to his neck tightly. She turned her head and found herself in a large gated house. Soon as they were inside the house, Charlene got down on his hold. Her lust-clouded entity was closely leaning on him, touching his toned body. Closing the door, Max stripped out of his shirt in haste. His rigid member was still pressing against his tight pants, demanding attention from this strange, lovely lady. Her body was screaming s*x and lust as she leaned on him. Their close contact started from the bar to the car and was now in his own little abode. There’s no way she is going to come out unsatisfied. Max thought. There was something urgent in Charlene’s needs. He may be a stranger, but he made her feel something she had never felt in someone else before. Turning her on, f*****g big time. Max’s hand worked at his belt as she trailed her hands on his bare chest and hard muscles. Her head nudged up, meeting his gaze once more. Her face was flushed and turned red as she breathed lightly. “Almost…” Max said, “be ready, baby…” he added with hunger in his voice. Charlene nodded. Staring down, her gazes were locked on his hands, tightly unlooping his belt. ‘He’s going to spank you, harlot.’ She remembered Adeline’s mocking voice. Sucking her lower lip between her teeth, “I am, sir…” she said with a sensual grin spread across her face. “Are you?” A cunning, s****l beam etched on Max’s face, “Yes, ma'am,” he replied. Popping open the button of his jeans. He started unzipping and let it hang loosely on his hips. Low enough that his trimmed trail was slightly showing with his boxers. Charlene made the most aggressive move. She grabbed the hem of his pants and pulled it halfway down right away. His stiffed member popped out, largely poking her belly, making her gasp in surprise before smugly smiling. “Impatient, are we?” Max said, chuckling, Grabbing him, “Yes, sir,” she whispered as she stroked it. “f**k it!” Max exclaimed, bending and removing his pants entirely as he stood in his all glory at the door, throwing his jeans away Charlene stepped back, ogling the man’s nakedness. Biting her lower lip, “You’re big…” she said, chuckling. ‘Harlot!’ Stepping forward, “Can you?” Max teasingly asked, proudly looking down at his junior, proudly sticking out as he held it. “Try me…” Tucking her loose hairs behind her ear, “I so want to take you here, baby…but I want us to start on my bed, then on the couch, coffee table, then floor…” he mumbled, Sucking a harshed breath, “All talk, start now!” Charlene mocked, Soon as those words left her mouth, Max grabbed her head, kissing her harshly. His hand traveled once more, touching the hem of her dress before pulling it up, removing it from her body. Once gone, her two rounded breasts bounced in front of him as if shouting to take and own them. Rosy n*****s were already puckered and hard as it stuck, teasing. Cupping it, “I love them….” Max mumbled as he softly massaged the twins, Gasping, Charlene’s lips quivered as she felt his large palms claiming her breasts. Her skin started to feel hot as her skin flushed bright that her face almost glowed with it. “Me too…” she said, grabbing his stiff manhood once again. The alcohol totally took her sanity as she felt confident and seemed assured that she could deal with his size. Max claimed her lips once again before grabbing her lady part, slowly inserting his hand under the tiny cloth that covered it. He started playing with her, slowly moving his fingers on the smooth skin of her cherry. “You're bald…” he said, grinning devilishly. “Oui…” Charlene whispered, “I want you…touch me…” she pleaded. Hands crawled once again on his muscled arms, “ and I want that mouth on me…” she added, brushing her thumb on his lower lips, Right then and there, Max lifted her butt brusquely. Charlene wrapped her legs on his waists, holding his shoulders tightly as he started to walk and climb up the stairs towards a large bedroom door. Slamming her on the soft bed, Max quickly grabbed her legs and raised them, spreading them apart. He promptly buried his mouth over her shaved lady part by ripping her tiny underwear. Charlene gasped once again as she saw the dark thick hair guy in between her legs, “Fuccckk…” she moaned in delight. He kissed her, parting her as he licked and tasted her honeypot. She screamed in euphoria as she felt his tongue move around her wetness. He was circling and poking her as she cried in ecstasy. She let out a little cry of happiness, but that gave her more stupor as the man kept doing his pleasuring job. Max tasted her sweet and delicious lower lips, devouring and sliding his tongue into her opening and her clit. She was like a shaking mess under him as her eyes rolled and her mouth whimpered in bliss. After minutes of whimpering and begging, unsatisfied, Max slipped a finger inside her. Charlene tensed as she felt his finger slide inside her. She whimpered once more from the sting of pain, yet as she felt his mouth pleasing her over and over, the pain slowly faded away. Her moaning continued until she felt a familiar pressure building up her core. “s**t! I think I’m coming….” She mumbled. “Come for me, baby….” Max answered in between his licking biz. “Ahhhh! f**k!” she yelled out as she peaked her orgasm*m. Shaking and trembling her core as she continued to feel his tongue endlessly sliding in and out of her body. Max stayed for minutes in between her legs as he sucked her over and over, merely devouring her quivering friend as he added more fingers in her. “f**k,” she said, tensing her once more as she felt him coming in and out of her. “I’m not yet done,” he mumbled, More moans and begging later, he stopped, removing his mouth and fingers. Her eyes widened as he stood up, facing his erection. Charlene sucked a deep breath as her eyes saucered, looking at his manhood, proudly saluting in front of her, but she didn’t protest. She fully understood what may happen next. Max settled himself in between her legs. Their hips lined up as he propped his body on top of her. “There’s no way you can stop this…” he whispered, “Who's stopping you?….” She whispered back. Pushing his head between her tightness, Max felt her tense again. Charlene whimpered loud as her body rigid upon feeling his thrust. Giving her a moment to adjust, Max then started to massage her thighs, hips, and perfect twins before burying his face on the crook of her neck. Charlene’s body softened as she felt the pleasure of him touching her once more. He was nibbling her neck, shoulders, and breasts as she tried to adjust herself to his size. Thrusting again, she claimed his lips before whispering in his ears, “Go on…” she said, permitting him to give her pleasure. Beaming, Max then thrust all the way up as he hammered his body on her. He began his thrust, short and consistent. She cried out every time he plunged as she held him tight. Charlene felt the sting once more, but it wasn’t bad as the first one. She slowly adapted to his rhythmic move as he pounded and pounded all over again. Getting hold of her wrists, he pulled her hands away and pinned them above her head. Max’s pace and thrusts increased in-depth as he slid himself in and out of her tight and wet honeypot. Her breasts bounced and rolled, moving sexy and sensual as her blonde locks spread across the pillow. Charlene’s eyes closed as she felt her core was about to burst once again. “Open your eyes. I want you to see me,” he ordered her. Soon as she opened it. Her eyes met his devilish stares as he devoured her endlessly. “f**k! I’m coming again!” She said, heaving a breath, “Ohhhhhh!” she shouted as she came once more, curling and trembling nonstop under him. With more thrusts and plunges, Max slowly took himself on edge. Bucking into her continuously, he could feel the peak of his orgasm. “f**k!” he muttered, letting go, releasing and spilling himself as he buried deep in between her legs. His hips pressed into hers as his body shook in euphoria and bliss. Panting and out-breath, Max smiled at his bedroom guest. “Hi, I’m Maximus,” he whispered, realizing they hadn't told each other’s name. Smiling, “I’m Karlota…” Charlene said, “Nice… to have… s*x with you,” she added in between her short breaths, Chuckling, “Nice to have s*x with you too….” Max added as he moved once more. "Let's try the couch this time..."
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