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"Did you hear? The girl died." Someone whispered to another. She accused, "Yes, rumours say that he killed her with his bare hands!" "But didn't he love her?" He doubted. "They were mates." They argued. Someone said, "I heard that the marking killed her." "No! It was the blood! Too Powerful for someone as weak as her!" He guessed. "She was a warrior!" They praised. "Haven't you heard a saying? 'Couldn't be anymore shameful to have anyone of a lower rank than Alpha as the mate to a Lycan.'" It was concluded. The rumours and stories of the tragic death of Lycan Alpha Vador's mate flew up and scattered like a fireworks display even before he had the chance to look at his dead mate for the last time. It was tragic indeed, in every sense and nature. As the reason, the place and time of death were unknown. The Lycan Alpha was mateless and shattered. He tried to broke his restraint and go to her but he was too late. 267 days too late. She was already gone and Vador was lost. In the name of his patron, in the name of the goddess, he prayed and prayed until his eyes were bleeding tears and voice hoarse and dry. He prayed to see his mate one last time and give away his final breath. The Powerful, undefeated Lycan Alpha was brought to his knees before the goddess. For the one he cherished the most was with her. He wanted her back. For the goddess was a mother of creation. His broken heart was to be mended again. With the knowledge of living, he had to wait for the dead. The goddess was not that cruel. To see her son drown in disparity. She did not take his life in exchange of another. She gave him a long life instead, so he could wait for his prayers to be answered. The soul that was taken away, to be given back. -------------------------------------------- Important points for the story : *First and most importantly, this is a fiction and a wonderful result of my imagination. So please *humble request* restraint yourself from pointing out if facts are not bookish. They are the facts I made for this specific story, so they work :) *The story is set in two different timelines. Dreams and other flashbacks will be marked according to be understood better. *Facts about Lycan so you won't get confused* 1) Lycan's are not same but similar to werewolves. They can shift halfway into a wolf (You can refer to the ** post for the exact pics) or fully transform into one. 2) They are harder to kill. Their skin is tough after shifting and the only way to kill them is to rip their spine. They heal super quick. 3) They also have mates. And in this case second chance or chosen mates don't exist for Lycan's. One. That's it. That's all they get. 4) A Lycan's bite can be fatal. Except when they mate. Some harmonal thingy keeps the poison from killing the mate. (I will go into that in more detail later when the time comes) 5) Lycan's are rare. And they are one pack here. They follow the same hierarchy as werewolves : Lycan Alpha, Lycan Luna, Lycan Beta, etc. However, there are no Lycan omegas. The ranking stop at delta (which comes after Gamma) and then the members of the pack and then there are the generals of their army. (I will go into detail later in the story as well) 6) Since the Lycan's are more Powerful than werewolves, they are respected more. 7) If the mate of a Lycan is not another Lycan, then they will go through a process of transformation. Their wolves will be then formed into a Lycan. Those are all the facts lined up. Do remember them as you read the story. I will repeat them whenever it is necessary in the story. Happy reading :)
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