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Creon and Sahara took their children; Shanaia, age three, and Crane, age two to visit Sahara’s family in Arizona. The Mountain Claw Tribe was the largest cheetah and feline shifter tribe in Arizona that has been led by Sahara’s family for centuries. The tribe’s territory looks like a huge summer camp hidden in the middle of huge canyons. The houses and buildings were made up of stone and logs with so much green grass and spring, making it look like an oasis in the middle of the dry canyon. When they got to the tribe’s main house, they were welcomed by the current tribe chief, Sahara’s eldest brother, Siegfried. He bowed his head towards the couple before he went for his sister. “There’s my baby sister,” Siegfried said as he hugged his sister, but then he immediately pulled away when her baby bump got in the way. “Another one on the way?” Siegfried asked, looking at the baby bump and his sister. Sahara happily smiled at her brother. “He will be the last one,” she said. “We think three is already enough, seeing these two are already a handful,” Creon said as he stepped forward with his children sleeping in his arms. “Oh, my dear. Those precious little darlings,” he cooed as he watched his niece and nephew. “We should head inside and take the kids into your room,” Siegfried led them inside the main house. While Creon was led into the room they were going to use, Sahara went with her brother to his office. Inside Siegfried’s office, he asked the servants to serve them snacks and drinks. They were having tea when Creon came in. “Are they still asleep?” Sahara asked her husband. “Yeah, still sleeping like a rock,” Creon answered as he took a seat beside her. “I heard about what happened to the Alpha Lord. I give you my –“ “My dad’s fine,” Creon said, cutting Siegfried midsentence. The tribe chief furrowed his eyebrows. “What do you mean he is fine? I heard –“ “The news was a bit overly dramatic. They were attacked and Dad was injured but Mom took care of it,” Creon told him. After what happened to their father, when he was brought back to life by their youngest sister, they agreed to make it seem like he was just injured instead of dying. They all agreed that they had to hide the fact the youngest princess was a necromancer. “I am glad that he is okay. Anyway, Father has been asking for you to visit, it’s a good thing that you finally managed to come,” Siegfried said. “We were just too busy with the pack and Sahara has a bad morning sickness,” Creon told his brother-in-law. Siegfried looked at his sister. “Are you okay?” “Yeah. This baby is just a bit more challenging than his siblings,” Sahara answered. “His?” Siegfried asked and Sahara smiled. “It’s a boy again,” she answered. “That means –“ “Yes, Shanaia could be the one,” Sahara said. Creon on the other hand was confused. He looked at his wife and his brother-in-law with knitted eyebrows. “Could be the one? One what?” he asked and the siblings looked at him. Sahara let out a sigh and then she looked at her husband. “There was a legend in our tribe, well, more like in our family. It was said that a daughter will be born in our family with the spirit of the Hanwi,” she told him. “Hanwi? Who is this Hanwi?” Creon asked. “Hanwi is an ancient feline shifter, our Queen of the ancient tribe of Miracinonyx. She is our ancestor. It was said in the legend that she is the reason why feline tribes that were once divided were now united. She died when she sacrificed herself while protecting the tribe from the attack of the great snake,” Siegfried. “So, this Hanwi is like mom or not?” Creon asked. “She is more like what is between Her Majesty and the Moon Goddess. It was also said that Hanwi was a daughter of the Goddess, Bastet,” Sahara answered. Creon leaned back and looked blankly ahead. “And you think that this ancient being’s spirit is in Shanaia?” he asked and then his wife sighed before answering. “She never came to me, and Shanaia is the only daughter born from my family, so there is a possibility,” “Will Shanaia be in danger if she is indeed that feline Queen or something?” Creon asked worriedly. “Hanwi is a breaker of chain, a guardian of freedom and prosperity,” Sahara answered. “She’s like a lucky charm,” Siegfried added and Creon frowned. “Now it made me think of that cat you see in stores that waved its paws back and forth,” Creon grumbled and Siegfried shrugged. “How would we know if it is her?” he asked. “If by her first shift to her feline form, instead of our golden coat, hers would be white. Then she is the chosen one. Hanwi is a white cheetah,” Sahara answered. “We still don’t know if Shan will be shifting into a cat or a dog,” Creon mumbled, rubbing his temple. Then Sahara grabbed her husband’s arm. “Being the host of Hanwi is an honor for our family, but if it happens to be Shanaia, then she would be sought after by many feline shifters to be their wife,” Sahara told her husband and Creon’s frown deepened. “So, you’re saying, if our daughter happens to be this Hanwi, cats from different tribes will want to marry and mate with her?” he asked and both Sahara and Siegfried nodded. Then Creon let out a humorless laugh. “Oh no, no, no. I will not let my baby girl be chased by some horny cats. No, uh uh. I can feel it in my bones, it wouldn’t be my baby girl. She won’t be someone’s lucky charm,” he grumbled and then he stood up and began pacing. Sahara and her brother looked at each other and sighed. They understood Creon’s stand on it since it's their daughter they are talking about. No parent would want their daughter to be targeted by horny men just because she can provide something. Creon wanted his daughter to experience true love and be happy, without thinking that she was a walking lucky charm. Meanwhile, in the room where the kids are sleeping. Shanaia’s eyes suddenly opened and they were silver with slits. It was just a sudden occurrence before her eyes went back to its normal color and close again.
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