Chapter 2

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“So what happened?” Vince asked once they reached the beach house and he removed his helmet. Natalie scowled. “That little sneaky b***h lured me there to set me up with her brother.” She said as they walked inside and she removed her jacket, handing it to another good looking guy standing waiting, with a security black t-shirt on. “The guy in the car following you?” Vince growled, gritting his teeth. “Calm down, dearest, but yes.” Natalie smiled amused and stroked Vince’s cheek. “I don’t think he knew though. He looked pretty surprised when he walked into the room…and then pretty pissed off.” “So, what are they?” “Demons, like I said before. I think she thought I was one too, that’s why the match making.” Natalie laughed. “f*****g hell, what was she thinking?” “Not sure exactly…she is pretty low level, can’t even feel her….but him…fuck knows what level he is, but it’s high.” “What made her think you would be interested?” “I’m not sure…that’s what’s got me so curious…they must be new here…they didn’t know who I am.” “That was obvious the way she just bowled up to you in the club.” Vince snorted. Natalie smiled. All her guys knew she would have killed most people for that. “Do some research, Vince.” “Right, mistress.” He bowed his head and walked off. . Natalie went through to the massive open living area that faced the beach and got herself a wine from the drinks cabinet. She walked out the large bi-fold doors to the deck and watched, her eyes darkening, the two guys that were in the infinity pool, racing each other to the other side. She looked up at the darkness beyond. She could hear the sea crashing onto the beach out in front of the pool deck. This wasn’t her usual residence but she owned it for her guys. It was the closest house to Cassie’s to come to at this late hour. She kicked off her heels and sat down on a large circular day bed, curling her legs up and sitting up on the back cushions. She enjoyed the warm night air as she drank her drink. The guys in the pool got out and wandered over. She watched them, taking in their lean muscular bodies in their wet board shorts. “Mistress, what a nice surprise.” One of them said, grabbing a towel and ruffing his blond hair with it. He was a very good looking Demon x Warlock with baby blue eyes. “What brings you this way at this hour, Baby girl? No trouble I hope?” The other asked as he sprawled on the day bed next to her legs. He had the same colour hair as her, with striking green eyes. He was a Demon x Vampire and was tall, lean and gorgeous. “No trouble, I was just closest to here tonight and it’s late.” She practically purred at them, looking at the silver haired demon with lustful admiration. “Lucky us.” He said, lying next to her legs, as he trailed his fingers up her calf to her knee. “You’re wet, Londo.” Natalie growled, causing him to remove his fingers. “Sorry, baby girl…you just don’t wear a skirt very often…it’s so nice to see your legs.” He planted a kiss on her knee. Natalie smiled at him then looked back out at the darkness. “Have you heard of a beach party happening out there tomorrow night?” “Nah, can’t say I have, have you Daniel?’ Londo asked the other guy who had half dried himself and was sitting on the other side of Natalie, perched on the edge. “Actually, yeah, I think I did hear something…” He answered. Natalie looked at him with interest. “Come here and tell me more.” She leaned down and grabbed his arm and pulled him up so he was lying next to her. He grinned at Londo as he nuzzled into Natalie’s neck. “Something about some welcome back party for some rich chick that lives nearby, someone came by the other day asking the residents for permission.” “That would be right…” Natalie muttered. “Have you got an invite?” “Yes, actually I do…” “Ha! Well, you might as well just stay here till then…” Daniel wrapped an arm around Natalie’s waist and pulled her body into his, laying his head on her chest. She ran her fingers through his wet curly hair. “You’re wet too, Danny boy, get off me.” He sat up. “Sorry, mistress.” “If you both go and get dry…” She purred at them. They both stood up and ran into the house jostling each other making it a race. Natalie rolled her eyes at the youthful enthusiasm and drank her drink. She only appeared to be in her twenties, but she had lived a lot longer than that. She finished her drink and got up. Walking inside she noticed the young guy who had taken her coat at the door. He was standing in the entrance with his arms folded looking bored. He had black jeans on and a tight black t-shirt that said ‘SECURITY’ on it. The usual outfit for underlings. “What’s your name, pup?” Natalie asked him smiling. He dropped his arms startled. “Andy, mistress.” “How long have you been working here, Andy?” She asked him curious. “A month, mistress.” Londo appeared from up the hallway and came up behind her, she looked over her shoulder at him. He was six feet four inches tall – they were all tall, she liked tall men – but he was the tallest. There was something commanding about the presence of a tall man…her thoughts went to Cassie’s brother…now he was tall…taller than Londo…and he had a very commanding presence. Bloody demon! Why am I wasting time thinking about you? She thought to herself. “Are you alright, baby girl?” Londo asked as he put his arms around her shoulders from behind and kissed her neck. He was wearing only a pair of grey sweat shorts that hung very low on his sculptured hips. Natalie grabbed a fistful of his hair as he kissed her neck again, as she closed her eyes and leaned back against him smiling. “Yes, Londo, I’m fine….it’s just been a long night.” “So, come to bed…” He grinned at the underling and pulled Natalie around and kissed her, as she passionately kissed him back, still holding his hair, then he turned her, making her let go and steered her down the hall. “Your bedroom is as you left it.” He kept an arm around her shoulders and she put an arm around his waist as he led her down the hall to the master suite….her room. Daniel appeared at the doorway from another bedroom and leaned on the doorframe scowling at Londo having got to Natalie first. “Damn it!” He said annoyed. “Did you use magic to get dry so fast?” Londo winked as Natalie laughed. She reached out as they walked past and grabbed Daniel’s hand pulling him close to her. He growled at the closeness and grabbed her chin turning her face round towards him. She kissed him and squeezed his hand. “I’m going to need blood from both of you tonight” She muttered. Daniel grinned and let her lead him to the bedroom with Londo. . . Natalie was still lounging in bed late the next morning when there was a knock on the door. “It’s Vince, mistress.” A voice called through the door. Natalie stretched and sat up, pulling a pillow up behind her head. “Come in.” Vince opened the door and paused as he took in the sight of Londo and Daniel both lying curled up on either side of Natalie as she sat up against the headboard, all in their naked finery. Daniel was asleep still but Londo looked at Vince and grinned. Vince scowled at him, then looked at Natalie. “Did you overdo it last night that you needed two of them?” “Seems like it.” Natalie shrugged. “Maybe I just didn’t want to disappoint anyone…” Londo looked up at her surprised. She smiled at him, then looked back at Vince as Londo rested his head on her lap trailing his fingers round her belly button. She ran her fingers through his hair, it was long on top, but shaved underneath and he normally wore it gelled back but now it was flopping in his eyes. “What’s the issue, Vince?” “It’s about your stalker.” Natalie scowled at him as Londo sat up. “Her f*****g what?” “Londo, please…” Natalie said pushing his head back to her lap. “Vince is exaggerating.” “Hmm.” Vince smiled coyly. “Could end up being an appropriate name for him.” He folded his arms and regarded her seriously. “You do know it’s nearly eleven o’clock, right?” Natalie frowned. “I have no idea…my phone is in my jacket pocket still.” “You have an appointment at twelve thirty, with the Anubi Clan.” “Oh s**t…that’s right…” Natalie pushed Londo’s head up. “Sorry dearest, I have to get up…” Londo whined and grumbled as he moved to let Natalie get up. Daniel stirred and woke up. “What’s happening?” He asked. “Time to get up, darling.” Natalie said gently to him as she slipped out of the bed and put a black satin robe on tying the belt round her waist. She turned back to the two men sitting in her bed. “Thank you both for last night.” Vince grimaced. She was always so gracious afterwards, always thanking the guy for his blood-letting and subsequent love making. That’s what made her so different to vampires and demons and why her men were so faithful to her. She walked past Vince towards the door. “Shall we talk in the kitchen…I’m hungry.” . Vince walked around the kitchen island as Natalie sat down on a stool and rested her chin on her hand, regarding him amused. “What do you want?” He asked her as he looked in the fridge. “These boys need to learn how to keep a fridge stocked.” “Boys?” Natalie chuckled. “Is there eggs?” “Yes, but god knows how old they are…” “They’re only a few days, they’ll be fine.” Londo grumbled as he trailed in behind them and grabbed a bottle of juice from the fridge nudging Vince in the shoulder. Vince growled deep in his throat. “Settle down, old man.” Londo grinned at him. Vince fixed a baleful stare at him. “You want a go?” Vince growled. “Calm down, boys.” Natalie groaned, rolling her eyes. “Tell me what you know, Vince.” As he took the eggs out and started setting a pan on the stove to poach them he shrugged. “Not a lot, I’m afraid. I’ll keep digging but Cassie Belmont is a Level 1, so nothing of interest there. Her brother, Mikhail, he’s a different kettle of fish. Couldn’t find anything on his power level at all, but you reckon it’s high. Cassie has been here for six months. They grew up here apparently, but she has been living in France for the past couple of years. Mikhail has been running numerous businesses, won some entrepreneurial awards, won awards for being a young millionaire…been in Time magazine…lives pretty much like a human…he keeps his sister in money…no parents that I could find.” “What does he do?” Natalie asked. “Sells machine parts and components…mostly under Belmont Industries.” “Hmm, so nothing out of the ordinary?” “Not that I have found, yet.” “Who is he affiliated with?” Londo asked as he had drained the orange juice and sat down beside Natalie putting a hand on her thigh affectionately. “Well, that’s the thing…it seems he’s not affiliated to any of them.” “A rogue?” Natalie exclaimed frowning. “Looks like it at this stage.” “f*****g hell. What the hell is a high level demon doing being rogue…that’s not normal is it?” Londo asked “No, it’s not…” Natalie muttered. “He’s either very confident in his power or he’s very stupid.” “Well, if he was stupid he would be dead by now.” Vince said. “So be careful.” Natalie gave him that strange look. Londo laughed. Just then her phone rang. Natalie looked around at the musical sound of her ring tone. Londo got up and made his way to where her jacket was hanging on the rack by the front door. Natalie watched him in those shorts again with no shirt. He scooped the phone out and chucked it across the living area from the large doorway to the foyer. Natalie turned her body and caught it and answered it. “Talk to me.” “Hey, is that Natalie Rubinski?” The voice on the other end asked. “It is.” “This is Martin Shore…remember me?” “Yes, I do.” “Ah, good…well I was wondering if you could help me with something tomorrow.” “Tomorrow is Saturday, Martin, what do you need?” “I just need your help in a property site I’m looking at purchasing for a company I work for it’s their next endeavour.” “And you need my help?” “Ah…yeah…if you don’t mind…the deal is…ah…delicate.” “Delicate? What does that even mean?” Natalie scowled. “I don’t want to discuss it over the phone.” “Martin, how long has it been since we last spoke?” “Ah…” “Two years, Martin….why are you calling me now?” Natalie heard a resigned sigh on the other end of the phone. “I need a Death Dealer to oversee things…for protection.” ‘”Why didn’t you say that.” “I don’t like to…over the phone.” “Okay, fair enough…what time tomorrow?” “Can I pick you up….about nine?” “Sure, I’ll message you the address.” “Thank you so much, Natalie.” “No problem, I think I owe you one…so…” “Ha, yeah, I didn’t want to say…” “I’m sure.” Natalie laughed. “Tomorrow then.” “Sure.” Natalie hung up and looked at Vince, who was looking at her from where he was cooking. “Things just keep getting stranger…” Natalie muttered. “Why? Who was that?” “Martin Shore.” “The real estate guy…huh, what does he want?” “Some property purchase…needs a Death Dealer.” “Hmmm, must be demon or vamp property in the city.” “He didn’t say it was in the city…” Natalie frowned. “Want me to come along?” “Nah, it will be fine…Martin’s trustworthy.” “Okay, whatever you say, mistress.” Vince plated up the eggs with some toast and put it on the bench top in front of her. “Thank you, Vince.” Natalie smiled at him. “It’s not much…boys’ better do a shop if you’re going to stay here a couple of days.” Vince stared at Londo who had sauntered back over. “Ha! So, where’s my eggs then, old man?” Vince picked up a raw egg and chucked it at him, hitting him in the chest and cracking open. “f**k! I’m going to have to shower again now.” Londo complained as he grabbed a tea towel and started wiping his chest. Natalie was watching his movements intently. “So do I.” Natalie said then, smirking. Londo froze mid wipe and looked at her, giving her a sultry smoulder. “Well now, baby girl.” Natalie laughed as she put a fork full of food in her mouth. Vince folded his arms and leaned on the bench. “Just hurry up…we can’t be late and it’s already 11.20.” Natalie picked up the slice of toast with egg on top of it and stood up and wandered off eating it on the way. Londo walked off after her, walking backwards and using his fingers to shoot at Vince, then blew the top of his fingers like a cowboy blowing the barrel of a smoking gun. He turned laughing and ran to catch up to Natalie. Vince rolled his eyes and cleaned up the kitchen. .
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