Chapter - 5

679 Words
(Aditi P.O.V) The next day in the school I was walking in the hallway when someone grabs my wrist and pulled me in an empty room I was about to scream when the person who grabbed me put a hand on my mouth and turn me in front of him. "What? Rahul," I asked shocked. "This is what you get for calling me a jerk Ad-I-Ti," he said in my ear, he is so close that I can feel his breath on my ears. *He is too close* I thought and blushed and looked away from him. "Next time think before you speak," he said and walk away leaving me alone with my thoughts. *What was that? Why did I blush at that jerk?* I ask to myself and shake my head before moving out of the school hall and walk away to the schoolyard. I walk to the schoolyard to see my all friends gathered around in the yard talking to each other. "What you guys are talking about?" I ask to them while walking towards them. "We are talking about that singer the blossom angle who left singing two years ago," Ashlyn said. "I wonder where she left," Ankita said. "Hmm Rahul is the biggest fiends of her on our school nobody can remove her from his mind," Brokely said. "Brokely is right," Ares said. "That's why Rahul doesn't look for other girls," Kate said to me. "He is right," Dustin said. And as in cue, the jerk of the year arrived. { Aditi thought not mine : ) } "Right time Rahul we were just talking about your blossom angle," Ares said to him. "Can you guys mind your own business?" Rahul said getting annoyed. *That's great that jerk is my biggest fan * I thought annoyed by him. "Can we guys change the topic I don't want to talk about blossom angle I don't like her," I said to them and see Rahul giving me a glare, I just shake my head ignored him. "Let's go, guys, we have to perform today'" Ares said. "let's go'" Arjun said. "We are counting on you, Rahul," Kara said to him while walking. "Hmm," was Rahul's only response. "Let's go girls and attain his concert," Ashly said while getting on her heels. "Aditi can you sing?" Ankita ask me. "They are looking for a female singer but Rahul always reject them," Brokely said. *I don't want to reveal my identity,* I thought and denied them. After walking for some time we arrived at the place where their concert is happening. The boys are on the stage and all the Rahul fangirls are cheering and shouting for him. He thanked everyone and started singing the song the light inside of me from "how do where do I go to find Some clarity how do I walk the road assigned to me shall I trust the light inside of me for he gives to each of us a portion of a mercy seed that Through life blooms tools we need to succeed but when the enemy comes To block my sense of reality" "He sings really nice," I thought while listening to him. "He makes me doubt the light inside of me And when I'm broken where can I go when I get weary how do I Press my way ahead and when I'm broken and lose focus on the road Ahead of me shall I trust the light inside of me I know he loves me I know he cares his grace is sufficient he'll always be there but when I'm broken and crying on my knees there's Nowhere to run I can't hide from me And when I'm broken where can I go when I get weary how do I Press my way ahead and when I'm broken and lose focus on the road Ahead of me/shall I trust the light inside of me I will Trust (Oh I'll trust) I will trust (The answer is inside of me) I Will Trust (I've got to reach my destiny) I will trust (If I just believe) I Will Trust" "Thank you for coming guys, do not forget to come for an audition which is tomorrow," Rahul said after completing the song. After the concert is over I go to the roof to have some privacy and have some fresh air. "It's nice to be here," Aditi said to herself. *After years today I feel like playing music again all because of Rahul* I thought.
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