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“Have you heard the story of the five brothers? The first lycans? The Moon Goddesses’ first children are eternal, unlike the beasts currently living in you. Her two youngest haven’t been to the human realm in thousands of years. They prefer to stay in retirement with their mates, but if needed, have vowed to return. The third son, Caim, often finds hosts that are royalty or what you would consider the upper crust of society molding humanity and shifters from a position of power.”     “The second son, Valefar, reincarnates with his human counterpart every generation or so to find his human mate, Celestina. Because she isn’t eternal, she can’t live in the Gods realm, so he comes here. Her memories are returned to her so that she can find her mate.”    “Now, the first son, Orias, is unique. He is the only one of her sons to have been born directly from her own womb. The demon of shadows tricked her and forced to live with him in the shadow realm until she gave birth to a son. This child is, well, basically a god and is ranked above his brothers. She escaped taking her child with her and he has always been devoted to her and his younger brothers. Orias is often sent to the human realm to restore balance when there is an unbalance of power or too much vileness within the shifter community. Usually by assassination, but he will use any other means necessary too.”  - The Prophet of the Oracle of Selene  The Moon Goddess watched over her children. She sat regally on her throne. Her long silver hair and pale skin were a stark contrast to the black t-shirt with a bright band name and blue skinny jeans. She preferred the comfort of human world clothes over the stifling confines of tight dresses often found in the Realm of Gods.  Her silver double irised eyes watch over the five original lycans celebrating the return of their third brother Caim to the realm of the Moon was in full swing. He spent a lengthy lifetime in the human world and is now relaxing amongst the servants and friends of the five brothers. Their beastly forms engorging on sweetmeats and fresh fruits only found in their realm.  Her eyes go to her second son Valefor, sitting alone, looking slightly lost. She knows he’s missing both his human counterpart and their mate. Soon she will send him back to be with his loved ones. She almost regrets gifting him with a human mate. She didn’t realize at that time the amount of love he would feel for both his humans. The rest of her sons have been returned to the human world many times and all their humans have found mates. None of her children regretted leaving their hosts to be reincarnated without them, except for Valefor. His pain was so deep that she couldn’t imagine forcing him to live without them. Each generation or so, she sends the three back and sets their long lives up for happiness.  For centuries, the Moon Goddess has been trying to find a way to bring her children’s human counterparts to the moon realm, and she has failed each time until recently. A theory came to her. An item from the realm of gods, if left in the human world long enough, could theoretically be used as a vehicle to transfer humans safely here. She used a knife as a trial and was successful, but that knife was created when her magic was in its infancy and was obliterated shortly after returning home. She needed something much stronger, and she knew exactly what object in the human world that could make the trek without its destruction. When the time comes, she will take that item back.  She sighs and stands up from her throne, looking for her eldest child Orias. It’s time for him to return to the human world. She can feel the evilness being caused by shifters and the distress of their victims. She knows that a demon assassin has caught many of them, but there are too many for even that assassin to successfully root out.  A disturbing trend has popped up amongst some shifters, human trafficking. To make a quick buck and satisfy the needs of sick bastards, some clans amongst packs have resorted to selling humans. And it’s not just that disgusting activity. Many crimes committed by shifters against other shifters have been reported as well as illegal dealings between packs. It’s time to cleanse the human world once again.  She searched through her castle until she came upon the room of pools. A large glowing tree sat in the middle of the room and from the tree, roots creating natural indentations in the ground formed their own pools and hundreds of pools sat amongst flowers, growing wildly. In each pool was a potential host, a beast-less human waiting for his or her lycan or wolf.  Orias’s beastly form moved from pool to pool, carefully examining each one. He was beautiful and different from his brothers; he was over seven feet tall, making him much larger than other lycans. In fact, she created the other lycans to be in his image. Different from his brothers, Orias’s skin was tar black and resembled reptilian skin. His fur only covered the top of his head, leading down his back and on his arms and legs. His claws are sharper, poisonous, and unbreakable. His eyes are pitch black without irises; it was like looking into a void. His snout was thicker than his brothers, his teeth longer and stronger. Orias also had abilities that his brothers did not have. After all, he was born directly from the Moon Goddess and a shadow demon.  Orias caught the scent of his mother and looked up, giving her a wolfish smile. For a demon lycan he was affectionate and thoughtful. He didn’t act rashly, but he also loved a good killing. It’s why the Moon Goddess sent him to right the wrongs caused by shifters in the human world. He bent his head back down, gazing into a pool before moving onto the next.  “Orias” His ears twitched at hearing his name and he raised his giant head to watch his mother as she daintily stepped between pools to reach him. “I have a host for you”.  The Moon Goddess wrapped her arm around his and led him to a pool on the other side of the room, as they walked she explained “The father of your host is a Gamma, he believes I skipped out on giving him a mate but the truth is she died before either of them could ever feel the mate pull. The mother is a bright and delightful girl who was rejected cruelly. I set their strings of fate to intertwine, hoping they could heal each other. I honestly hadn’t planned on them becoming mates, but once they met each other, it was like a lust collision course even I couldn’t stop. Their souls vibrate at the same frequency. It’s odd. It was really a stroke of luck. It’s rare even between bonded mates for a couple to work so well together.” She guides Orias to her chosen pool and points down, “Any moment now, the first spark of life will enter her womb.”  Orias watches the two mates breed, silently congratulating the Gamma on his vigor. He looks back up at his mother. “I’ll see you soon?” He knows she makes frequent visits to the human world. She claims to despise it, yet she spends an awful lot of time down there binge-watching shows and interfering in mortal lives.  She raises a dainty shoulder and looks away, refusing to meet his eyes. “Maybe”. He snorts and looks back down into the pool. The time is now. Orias climbs into the pool, disturbing the clear waters as he sinks into the world of his human host.  The Moon Goddess stands over the pool until she’s satisfied that he’s made his way to where he belongs before she straightens out and scratches her stomach. The humans have this delicacy called “pizza” and she’s in the mood for one while she watches a few Bollywood movies.  
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