Chapter 43

1400 Words

Chapter Forty Three: The hunt starts now. —   Kara Yhres’ Point of View   Everyone was stationed in their posts. Just like what Alpha Prince Levi mentioned in the last meeting, Delta Johnny’s troupe is stationed inside Xtrian Pack, Gamma Gerald’s troupe is patrolling around the said pack, and Alpha Levi’s troupe is stationed at the nearby forest. What I didn’t even expect is that it took us almost five hours travelling to this pack as I wasn’t aware that Alpha Kristine’s pack is in a remote area of the Monleite Kingdom. In addition to that, there are no neighboring packs near them so it was pretty much understandable that the Wherzkil Pack decided to raid them. Not that it was justifiable but because for them, it was a perfect plan knowing that there would be no form of rescue from

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