Chapter 31

2000 Words

Chapter Thirty One: Three knights versus one she-wolf. —   Third Person’s Point of View   Levi almost stood up from his seat. For a moment he was proud of what Kara just did to the Royal Knight. As he was completely knocked out on the floor and seemed unconscious. Kara was still on top of the knight’s body when the Wolf King had summoned more Royal Knights to spar with her. “Wow, she’s really strong.” Princess Roxy muttered to Delta Johnny who was sitting beside her. Delta Johnny nodded his head as his eyes were beaming with admiration. He can’t seem to ponder on how such a tiny girl could be able to do that to a knight, considering that these men are one of the best in the Wolf Palace as they hold a white colored leather sword sheath, indication that they are on the top from othe

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