Chapter 26

4000 Words

Chapter Twenty Six: The day I changed my last name. —   Third Person’s Point of View   “What happened?” Kara had asked Levi, clearly worried about the current situation. Judging from Levi’s facial reaction, he’s currently in a deep thought as his brows were creased together. Kara doesn’t have any idea of what the Alpha was doing but he was focused while doing so. As if he was feeling something? Kara isn’t sure since she’s still not aware of most abilities of the Weres but it is clear to her that Levi was doing something. When she was back in the Wycca Kingdom, even reading about Werewolves and She-wolves history was forbidden for her to do so. As well as talking about it with her parents. At some point if they do, the magic metal cuffs on their hands will electrocute them even thou

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