Chapter 39

2100 Words

Chapter Thirty Nine: Information that was hidden from Kara. —   Third Person’s Point of View   After Kara had bid her goodbyes with her father, she saw Levi on the balcony next to hers. A worried look was etched on his face as he looked carefully at Kara, scanning her if anything was wrong. “Are you alright?” He questioned. Since the balconies were closer to each other, Levi didn’t need to speak in such a loud voice, Kara could hear him perfectly fine. Nodding to his direction, Kara could only utter a “Yes,” In which the Alpha Prince immediately took note of. He was aware that girls tend to say they are fine even though they are certainly not. It happened most times with his sister, Roxanne. Wherein he could sense that there’s something bothering her but when asked if she’s okay,

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