Chapter 29

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Chapter Twenty Nine: Meeting the Wolf King. —   Kara Yhres’ Point of View   The Alpha was true to his words. We stayed in the Mjenvur Pack for three more days as Danny was tending to his father and as I was being trained, again. The Charmcaster really did a great job on extracting all of the quicksilver in Alpha Jake’s body. If it wasn’t for Levi, it wouldn’t be possible. Since pack doctors don't have the ability like a mage. It was really helpful to Misty. Moreover, I had met Alpha Jake when Doctor Edgar was allowing others to visit. And I could actually say that he resembles Danny a lot. Though, he’s much more of the softer one despite his title. I could hear how many times he was teasing Danny that he was poisoned so that Danny could take on the position of being an Alpha. All

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