Chapter 15

3500 Words

Chapter Fifteen: Kara is not an average she-wolf.  —   Third Person’s Point of View   "I'm sorry, Levi. Did I hurt you?"  For a little while, Levi did feel the pain scorching on his cheeks and it had made a cut, blood dripping down his face. The punch landed straightly on his cheekbone and the immense strength that Kara executed was enough for him to stagger backwards. Even though he was taken aback and didn’t know that Kara grabbed that opening to attack him, Levi was surprised by both her speed and strength. It’s just the first day of her training and she’s already showing so much potential. That strength alone, if she managed to access her energy, she can defeat any rogue that may come her way. And she might cause much damage to anyone who dares to hurt her. Meanwhile, Levi’s a

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