Chapter 17

2500 Words

Chapter Seventeen: The talk with the Beta. —   Kara Yhres’ Point of View   I choked on my own saliva upon hearing the Beta’s words. Grabbing the glass of orange juice, I gulped down the fluids to stop my coughing. Danny even offered a glass of water to me, I also drank it to die down the mix emotions swirling inside me. What he informed me didn’t even occur to me that those things might happen. So, did Levi really do that all for me disregarding the fact that he’s the Wolf King’s son? Was his intentions really pure? But that doesn’t justify the fact that he hid some information to me, does it? “Is the punishment for what he did really that bad?” Now, concern had dripped in my voice. The last thing I want for Levi is to be stripped of his title because I know how much he worked ha

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