Chapter 1- Elvis’s Return

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“Outright win!”   “General Alexander George leads brave troops to Victory!”   “Aries has become a dependency of our country!”   “Due to distinguished merit, General Alexander George receives Duke of Aries title from his Majesty!”   The headlines were plastered across the news of Trenton Nation, delighting all citizens.     Alexander George had shot to fame six years ago with his military exploits. However, he had dropped out of the media spotlight for some time but recently his name as in the news again. Yet, very few people knowing his true personality, some even speculated whether or not he actually possessed superhuman powers.   …    In the Murray airport, a tall and slender woman was looking at the crowd walking out of the arrival location. There was a look of anxiety on her pretty face, as she paced back and forth the waiting area. Suddenly, she stopped in her tracks, she saw him and her eyes lit up. She smiled and thought he was just as handsome as she remembered as she ran toward him.    “Mandy…” The young man said, his voice throbbing with emotion. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Mandy Green, who was standing in front of him, she was his childhood sweetheart.      Seven years ago, his mother passed away from a sudden illness, causing their wedding to be postponed. Alexander George also became estranged from his father after an argument, so he turned his back and joined the army.   During their time apart, he had been guarding the borders against invasion, not leaving time to return home. However, Mandy waited for him, with no complaint. Since he was finally home, one of the first things he planned to do was marry her.   “Thank goodness you are home, Elvis,” tears ran down her cheeks as Mandy sobbed, “Where have you been all this time? Your dad is very ill, and I am glad you made it back but why didn’t you come as soon as you received the news?”    “Sorry, Mandy. There are some things I can’t tell you yet,” Elvis George said. He pulled Mandy close to him, his eyes filled with guilt.    He didn’t like to be called Elvis but he didn’t want to tell Mandy that he changed his name to Alexander George when he joined the army. He had been famous for his military exploits and then sent to defend the country.   It had been six days since he had been informed about his father’s illness. He received the memo while he and his troops were busy concentrating their forces against the capital of Aries. As the backbone of his troops, he had no choice but to continue to fight. As soon as they were victorious, he rushed back to his hometown of Murray without hesitation.     Due to his countless enemies, his identity was highly classified and he needed to protect his friends and family. Therefore, telling Mandy everything would do her no good.    After a while, Mandy stopped crying. She looked up at Elvis and asked softly, “Will you leave me again?”    “No, I will be with you. I will keep the promise I made to give you a lifetime of happiness!” Elvis smiled. He felt horrible that Mandy had a tough time because of him, and he vowed to make it up to her.    “Since we got engaged, our fates have been linked. I’m your wife, although we did not have a wedding,” Mandy said shyly, “The greatest happiness you can give me is to always be by my side.”    Elvis held Mandy even tighter with an expression of fierce determination on his face. He was going to guard her and treat her like a queen.   They held hands and smiled, as they walked out of the airport to Mandy’s car.   Shortly, after leaving the parking lot, they arrived at a magnificent home in the center of the city.          As he got out of the car, Elvis looked around with a heavy heart. He had grown up in the mansion, which represented all the glory of the George family. However, after seven years, many things had changed. There were now luxury cars parked in front, and numerous people standing outside.        After taking a deep breath, Elvis gently took Mandy’s hand, and then walked towards the house.    “Look, there is Mandy! But who’s that man with her?”    “That can’t be Mandy! She has an iron hand in a velvet glove, and since her broken engagement to Elvis, she hasn’t dated anyone. Yet, now out of nowhere she is holding hands with him?”    “Wait! He looks familiar… Oh no, it can’t be! That man is Elvis! Elvis George!”    “Why did he come back all of a sudden? Is he here for his inheritance when his father dies?”    The group of people watching Elvis and Mandy began whispering amongst themselves.    Elvis blocked their comments and glares out. He was sick and tired of the false friendliness from businessmen.    Mandy squeezed Elvis’s hand even tighter. She looked at him with worry, and said, “No matter what happens today, you must restrain yourself, Elvis. Just promise me you won’t do anything reckless. We won’t be here long.”    “Why are we leaving here? This is my home, and it will be yours soon,” Elvis asked, frowning.    Mandy sighed but made no effort to give him an answer. He immediately sensed there was something more going on than what he knew.     As they walked toward the door, Elvis could not understand why there were so many people in the house when his father was so ill. He now had confirmation that something was going to happen, but had no idea what.   For seven long, hard years, Elvis had survived explosions, bullets, and attacks, barely escaping with his life most times so nothing could upset him unless someone hurt Mandy.    Elvis was just about to open the door, when an angry voice from behind them yelled, “Hold on, Elvis!”    Nancy Green, Mandy’s mother was waving at them. She was a slim, middle-aged woman who had always interfered in everyone’s business.   “Please let Elvis go to see his dad first, Mom. We’ll talk about the other things later,” Mandy moaned with frustration.    “You waited for him for seven years! But did he ever think about you? You clearly know that he is going to be kicked out of the family soon, so stop being so unreasonable. I can’t allow a good-for-nothing lowlife to marry you!” Nancy commented.    “Why would you say that, Mrs. Green?” asked Elvis.    “It seems that you must have been living in the dark,” Nancy sneered, “Your dad has changed his will, leaving nothing for you. You are nothing without your family’s support. So, do you think you are still such a fine match for my daughter?”   Nancy hadn’t been happy since the moment Elvis and Mandy’s wedding was canceled. Then, when Elvis left town, she continued to try and persuade Mandy to marry someone else. Yet, Mandy loved Elvis and would not give up on him.     When she heard that Elvis was coming back but would inherit nothing, she felt the anger boiling inside her once again, and she made the commitment to break them up for good.   
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