Chapter 1 . Belinda Carson.

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Chapter 1 | Belinda Carson Living life was her favorite thing to do. But not everyone was happy about this particular natural hobby of her's. For the past 18 years she was reminded of her identity every passing moment. She was not a fan of the bullying and being picked on, the constant nagging by the warden at  the orphanage was not that great too; but she learned to embrace it, love it, her identity was her's and she would not turn her back on it. Today was a special day for Belinda, she turned 18 yesterday. Today was the day she would be leaving the Orphanage that was her home for all her existence. It was a bittersweet feeling staring back at the run down building where she played, slept, laughed and sobbed. Countless memories were being left behind, even though she assured herself that she won't forget the precious bonds she created here, the busy lifestyle of good ole' New York won't let her keep up with others. Soon she would be stuck on finding a job, making new friends, new relations and usual everyday affairs. But in her heart she knew she would never be able to forget this place and the people. She loved them too much. Well except for the warden, she was a female demon that haunted her dreams every night. And no one wants to remember a bad dream. "I will miss you Linda. Come visit me soon okay?" Big brown doe eyes stared at her with hope and tears, her heart melted at the sight of five year old Zoe.  She had practically raised the kid, since she came in when she was a tiny baby. Zoe was clutching her skirt tightly, not ready to let go. Belinda felt her eyes water but blinked them away before the little angel could see them. "Of course Zoe, how can I survive without seeing your pretty face? You are my Zoegen, I need you to live." "Bye bye Linda." She waved back looking at the Little Zoe with tearful eyes one last time before her taxi started down the smooth road of New York. With a heavy heart she rolled up the window and closed her eyes, taking deep breaths to calm her racing heart. No one else had come to see her off, not even her best friend Daisy. Daisy was turning 18 in a month and had insisted that they waited for the time she turned legal and move in together. Her fault was that she refused, simply because she did not want to stay there a minute more than necessary. Daisy was not very pleased and decided not to talk to her since then. She looked out of the moving taxi at the passing building, the flashing lights on the roads. But don't let the brightness of the city fool you, it was filled with unbelievable horrors. It held moments of bliss and torture in it. New york was the perfect example of Luxury and Misery. If you have goals and the resources to achieve it, then it's nothing but paradise but for someone as lost as her it was not less than hell. Her past month had passed looking for an apartment at a decent neighborhood. From the day she turned ten years old her superiors had made it clear she was to get out at the legal age. She has been savin up for the flat from her monthly allowance for the past 7 years. It may seem unbelievable to some but it was what she had to do inorder to get out of there and it was worth it. A breath of fresh air was what she needed right now. Thanking the taxi driver for getting her luggage out she gazed up the six floored apartment building before her. It was a red brick wall building with the emergency iron stairs Criss cross along the walls. The average. "May I help you miss?" She turned around to look at the man who had called her. He was clad in a black wife beater and a pair of sweatpants. Her eyes slowly traveled up to his face and she lost her breath for a second. It was not because of his beautiful face and definitely not because of his striking blue eyes,  at least that was what she tried to believe. He waved his hand in front of her face and her face heated up in embarrassment. She had a bad case of blood rush, even a slightest thing could make her resemble a fire truck. "Uh I don't know." She spluttered out embarrassed to be caught staring, but he probably got that reaction a lot. "Well you do have a lot of stuff to carry, and I presume you are moving in this apartment building?" God, even his voice is so deep. "Y-Yes." "Then let me help you miss?" "Belinda, Belinda Carson. Thank you." "That's a very Pretty name." Cue the blush. She probably resembled a tomato. They talked while moving up the stairs. His name was Jax and he lived on the third floor, a floor below her's. "Looks like we will be meeting a lot then Belinda." He said as he placed the last suitcase at her doorstep with a smile. "I'm sure neighbour." She replied softly and bid Goodbye. Closing the door she closed her eyes and leaned on it releasing a long breath. The apartment was nothing special, a small sitting area with a couch facing the TV, a rug in the middle. A large window on the opposite wall giving a good view of typical New York traffic. A small bedroom with a single bed at the corner and a table on the other side. A dresser on the opposite side and a small window, again facing the busy city. Bathroom at the end and an open kitchen peeking at the sitting room. The walls were plain while. As said, nothing special, but it was her's. And it was enough. Unpacking had got to be the most difficult task after moving. It made her regret owning so many clothes and other stuff. She stared at the pink teddy in her hand, it was the size of her arm, he was missing an eye and his bowtie was crooked. "You have to go there Mr Benson." She muttered and placed the old teddy on her bed. It was her gift for Christmas and held a special place in her heart. She adored it. "Moving? Check" She ticked the first item on her list and moved on to the second and most important. "Job hunting." Biting her lips she raked her brain to come up with ideas. She could easily get a waitress job or at the call center but she did not want her efforts of getting a degree to go to waste. Belinda had graduated earlier than anyone else from online classes. She quit school after her junior year and continued her studies online where she graduated in a matter of years. Now was the time to put her education to good use. A good company would probably have a decent position to offer.
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