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A/N: Hello guys, This book is FREE and completed. This is the third book of a series. If you haven't yet, please take a look at the first book, Intertwined: her three mates (FREE and completed) But this book can also be read as a STAND-ALONE. This story is somehow a continuation of the first one, but it will focus on Liv's younger sister, LEA. You will also be able to see what happened to Liv and her mates further. If you have comments, feedback, questions, or suggestions you can always write a comment or reach me through my f******k page (T. R. Durant - Author). * This book isn't recommended for people below 18 years old. Here is the full version of the blurb, it didn't fit the 300 words space I had to write: ~ * ~*~ * ~ BLURB: Lea is a hybrid, half-witch and half-elf. Though, almost no one knows that about her, not even her own mother. Everyone thinks she and her sister Liv are regular witches. Richard is the Alpha King, a lonely and brood werewolf. Since Lea was a child, he knew he is to be her mate. Her ONE and ONLY soulmate. However, fate had other plans. ~ * Lea Since I’m little I know that I am to be mated with the Werewolf King, Richard. Everyone says he is a very dry and aloof man. But to me he’s a gentle giant, he is very tall, the biggest and most hulk man I’ve ever seen. But I learned that as my sister, Liv, I have more than one mate. But the similarities end there. You see, she’s a queen. With me, it’s quite the opposite. I’m nothing like a queen. Besides that, my mates are enemies, sworn rivals since centuries ago. They can hardly stand being in the same room, let alone sharing anything. It’s needless to say that sharing a mate is out of the question. It will be a disaster. ~ * Richard My life is being empty and alone since I lost my brother centuries ago. Since my brother was brutally killed by a monster. The only thing, the only person, that could fill all this dullness was a mate. The female that holds the other half of my soul and is bound to be mine in the same way I’m bound to be hers. I could feel my wolf and, my entire self, growing gloomy and distant by the day. I was becoming brooding as a part of the wall. Hard, stoic, a lifeless statue, and I needed the softness of my mate to break all this stiffness. Being the Alpha King wasn’t easy, my wolf is an extremely dominant and too strong beast as he has to be, I haven’t only a pack to watch for and reign over, but a whole Realm. But it also means that more often than I wished, I have a hard time keeping my wolf under control. I was also afraid to go feral if I didn’t find her any time soon. But I found her, she was beautiful and out of my reach for many reasons. She was a child and I had to wait for 9 years. Nine long years of torture, in which an untamed Alpha wolf howled and whined in my head in a feral way, urging for his mate. Urging to have her closer, to be able to sniff her and feel her presence. I hardly survived those years without getting mad. But soon my suffering will be over. Or so I thought before I’ve learned the worst thing possible. Something that not even in my worst nightmare I could ever foresee. My sweet and gentle Lea is also the mate of what I dread most: a Vampire. One of the vile creatures that took my brother from me; that I combated in centuries of war, in which had to overcome all their treacheries, immoral and foul attacks, ambushes, their m******e of innocents and bloodshed. I had to share my beloved and long-awaited Luna with a monster. ~ * ~ * * EXCERPT: Richard (...) I took her deep into the forest behind the pack castle. The night was silent, all the little animals left as I let out a low growl. They knew better than staying. The moonlight shined above us. We stopped at a clearing; a place hidden in the dense forest of thick trees. There was the place. I lifted her in my arms, and she wrapped her legs around my waist. Making my wolf howl in satisfaction. “I guess you didn’t bring me here to show me your wolf.” Lea let out a soft giggle. “I didn’t.” I rasped as a guttural sound came from the depths of my chest, the sound of need. It was urgent, desperate, feral. I took several steps until her back was pressed against a tree, I had her caged in my arms. I devoured her mouth in a rough kiss before my hands found and ripped her skirt. My sweet and innocent mate flashed me a startled look, pushing me away a few inches. “I can’t wait.” I rasped; my voice was mixed with the voice of my wolf. Neither of us could wait anymore. We must have her. Now. She nodded as a beautiful pink flush went up her face. Her breath became labored and her body trembled slightly. All I could think about was feeling her spasming and quivering around my c*ck. Taking her now, completely. I moved us from the tree and laid her on the forest ground slowly before I spread her soft thighs open and ripped the string of her white panties. I could hear her breath hitching and see her chest rising and falling rapidly, but she didn’t ask me to stop. She was shy, anxious, maybe even afraid, but no glimpse of hesitation could be seen in those big amber eyes. She wants me as much as I want her. Now is the time I can have her for my own before she comes of age and I have to let the monster have her to solidify the bond. But before that happened and possibly after she would mine and MINE only. I caressed her silky white thighs in a demanding and urgent rhythm. I wanted to be delicate with my sweet virgin, but I couldn’t. My self-control was hanging only by a breaking thread, as each of my basic instincts were driving me to devour her, claim her in the most raw and feral way, to dominate and possess her. I replaced my fingers with my mouth, nibbling and s*cking her tender skin, marking her as much as I can right now. My wolf demanded it, to mark her, to have our scent in her body, mixed with her flowery one, for the whole world to know that she is ours. Finally, my mouth found her soft and wet folds. I inhaled the scent of her arousal and it made my primal instincts pulse even harder through my bloodstream. “I’ll ravish you, my little prey,” I told my female. A low whimper of pleasure escaped her lips like a soft plea. In no time, her folds were inside my mouth. I s*cked them before parting her open with my tongue and thrusting into her walls. A place where no one has ever been. My tongue swirled inside her, as I took her swollen c*it with my fingers, twisting and caressing it with all the gentleness I could muster. Her whimpers became more breathy and she started to rock her hips against my face, as I licked all the juices directly from their source, while I made my mouth familiar with the feeling of her, her warmth, and taste. That sweet p*ssy of hers was bound to become my favorite prey and feast. I moved my mouth up to her nub and smacked it with the flat of my tongue as my finger entered her tight walls, she gasped and shuddered a bit. “Keep still, little prey. I need to f*ck this pretty p*ssy with my mouth and fingers.” She only nodded, panting. I started to lick her with urgency, as my finger slid in and out of her wetness, curling to tease her inner pleasure spots. In no time, her whimpers became the mellowest sounds of ecstasy that I’ve ever heard. My sweet female. I licked her dry of all the juices that pumped from her insides in warm waves that made her little body squirm. I crawled up and captured her lips with mine without losing time. With her, I felt such urgency as if I didn't have enough time, which was a rare feeling for an immortal being like me. After her breath steadied, I looked at her now darkened and hazy amber eyes, asking her without words, she nodded and flashed me the cutest nervous smile, which made the biggest of grins spread across my face. “On all fours, little doe.” My guttural voice was a command and a plea, my wolf howled in victory inside my head, making my chest vibrate, we were finally claiming what’s ours. My Lea was on all fours and I kneeled down behind her. I ripped her top and cupped her perky t*ts with my hands, squeezing them, feeling their smoothness and their firm shape against the rough skin of my hands, before my hand went to unbutton my trousers. My c*ck jumped out, demanding to be shoved inside my female. I rubbed its tip on her entrance, making her moan out. “Little Doe, I’ll give you all I have. Are you ready?” “Yes... Alpha” she breathed out. F*ck! Calling me that just makes me even edgier, my c*ck is aching. But it will find all the release soon enough, inside her. I thrust slowly into her, as her warm tightness engulfed my member, she whimpered, but arched her butt up, giving me better access to her. After some time, her whimpers of pain subsided and I felt her body relaxing. I started to pump hard inside her, poking her cervix and stretching her tightness. I held her hips to allow myself to thrust deeper, harder. Explore her untouched depths. “After this, I’ll stretch your butthole, ...” I grunted. “But...” her voice was a soft whimper. “I want to be your first in everything.” “Yes, Alpha.” A shadow appeared in the dark forest and I caught a whiff of that smell, rotten blood. That monster, the f*****g leech, is here. “Tsk-tsk, you started without inviting me?” He asked in a mocking-offended tone, flashing one of his cold, soulless smiles. “You could... join us,” my female murmured. I let out a loud and deep growl. She was about to see my wolf as she wanted to. She was about to see him pouncing on the leech and detaching his head from his neck. I could feel my nails starting to shift to claws and unintentionally piercing the soft skin of her hips, where I had my fingers dug. She let out a small whimper. But the anger, the deep loath that coursed my whole body and made me shake was bigger than the urge to tend to my mate. “Get away or I’ll send your carcass to the deepest pit of Hell, leech.” “Richard, please. I’m his too.” Lea pleaded. My blood became liquid fury and hatred. She was NOT his. My wolf was clawing inside me, about to take control and make me shift completely. He was out for blood and so was I. “He won’t ever have you!” My powerful growl made the trees around me shake. The f*cking leech ignored my threats and stalked closer to my female. He unzipped his trousers and fisted my female’s hair, “Do you want it in your mouth little Lea?” “Yes please!” She breathed. “Such a sweet girl.” He said, cupping her face as he thrust his member inside her mouth. I’ll kill him. I pulled out of her deliciousness and was about to shift and end his miserable life, when a deadly growl erupted from my chest, loud, laced with rage, hate, and years of pent-up need for revenge. (...)
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