His Offer

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I was sitting in my office, looking through some damn email from Alpha Foxx. This guy, I swear he is the epitome of stupid. He wanted me to sacrifice by best fighters all because he started a war with a neighboring pack. A pack three times the size of his. I shook my head, annoyed. The guy didn't know when to quit. And he never could shut his big mouth. I typed a quick reply, letting him know that I wouldn't be giving him any of my men or women, and he would have to find a way to deal with this problem without me. I hit 'send, and closed my laptop. f*****g i***t. I got up to leave when my phone rang. "What?" I grumbled. "Sir, it's Dom. We might have a problem." I pinched the bridge of my nose. I just couldn't catch a f*****g break today. "Whatever it is, deal with it." "Sir, you don't understand. The house... it's different. Someone fixed it up, and it looks like they're living here." That got my attention. "What, another pack is using it?" "I don't think so." "Rogues?" "Doesn't smell like wolf. It smells almost... human? But not totally." "What the f**k? So tell them to leave. Tell them who owns that place." "Nobodies here. And we can't get in anyways. The door... it's hard to explain. And there's a f*****g fifty foot trench all around the property that we had to jump." "What the-?" I said. "Sir, I said the scent was human, but I don't think a human could have done this by themselves. I think it's another supernatural. And from what we can scent, there seems to be only one. Maybe an Elemental?" I scrunched my nose at that. I f*****g hated Elementals. "Alright, stay where you are, and guard the property. I'll meet you there in a couple of hours. If anyone comes back, don't kill them. I want to talk to them first." "Yes sir. See you later." And he hung up. I looked at my watch. Eleven in the morning. And I already had to deal with some type of bullshit. I left the house, and headed into the woods. Stripping down, I quickly shifted into my wolf, Lochie. I took off heading West towards the house. It wasn't uncommon for people, or more likely rogues, to come across the place we used as a steakout. I had let it fall I to disrepair over time, but there was a recon mission coming up in that area, so I sent my guys to survey the damage so we could use it when the time came. What surprised me was Dom said it was fixed up already. Rogues never bothered, making me think he was right about another supernatural. But God I hoped it wasn't an elemental. I'd rather deal with with rogue. Lochie growled at the thought of encountering one of those creatures. They claimed to be for the elements, and one with the Moon Goddess, but really they were nothing but a bunch of psychos and murderers. Everyone knew about the girl who was blessed with all four elements. Apparently, she had gone completely evil, and attempted to kill her Clan, and had succeeded in killing a young boy. I didn't fully believe the story, and the Elders of her Clan definitely exaggerated on the details. I found it odd that two years on the run, and there were never any reports of this evil elemental destroying towns, other Clans, packs, nothing. Then, last year, her own Clan burned down a house she was staying at, with her inside. It made me want to vomit remembering the reports from Dom that they had celebrated for over a month at her death. I pushed Lochie harder, wanting to clear the thoughts from my head. I concentrated on the trees and the dirt under my paws. At this rate, I'd reach the house in another hour. And then I'd deal with whatever, or whomever was on my territory. ****************************************** AVA'S P.O.V. I'd managed to sneak my way back into the shadows of the forest without being noticed. I was still in shock, but honestly, I shouldn't be. Someone always found me. I wanted to kick myself for thinking this time would be any different. They would never stop hunting me, not until I was dead. I watched as one guy pulled out a cellphone and started talking. They were too far from me to catch any of the conversation, and I dared not use the elements now. They would know. I sat in the shadows for I don't know how long, trying to figure out a plan. I could run. After all, I had been made. It made no sense to stay here now. A large part of hoped I wouldn't have to, but I knew it was stupid. I'd find another place. My bigger problem right now was trying to figure out a way to escape without being caught. These woods went on forever and even I didn't know where they ended. If I took the mountain routes, I'd be out in the open, and most of them led to wide open areas anyways. I was already the bottom of the mountains, and going up made no sense. And who knew when, or if, these guys were leaving? The forest was my best bet at this point. It's not like I'd never slept on the forest floor before. I wished I could have gotten extra clothes to bring with me, or even a blanket. The nights here were beyond cold. Oh well. Making up my mind, I started to shuffle backwards, deeper into the trees. A low growl stopped me dead, and goosebumps ran over my skin. I turned slowly and I almost shrieked. The wolf was huge! He was pitch black and at least five times the size any wolf I'd ever seen before. His giant green eyes bore into mine as he continued to growl at me. My instincts told me this was no ordinary wolf. I contemplated running, but I knew I'd never make more than three steps. We stared at each other, when suddenly he let put an ear piercing howl. I slapped my hands over my ears at the sound. Not ten seconds later, two more wolves and three men surrounded me. I gulped and started to shake. Werewolves. s**t. "What are you doing here?!" One of the men barked at me. He had dirty blond hair and stood at six feet. "I-I...." I stuttered. "We asked you a question. Why are you here?" The other asked me. He looked exactly like the other guy, except maybe a little shorter. They must be twins. After a minute of silence, both if them looked at the black wolf. He huffed, and walked away, behind a tree. A few seconds later, he emerged and I gaped. He was gorgeous. Well over six foot, and perfectly toned. The muscles in his arms were perfect, not overdone at all. His chest was smooth, and his abs... oh God his abs. They'd make a lesser woman drool. He had stunning green eyes, like his wolf, and pitch black hair that was nicely cut on the sides, and longer on top. He was by far the most beautiful man I'd ever seen. One of the blonde guys threw him a pair of shorts, and he pulled them on before I noticed anything else. He came to stand in front of me and I flinched. He looked... angry. Beyond angry, he looked furious. "I'm only going to ask this once. Why are you on my territory?" He asked. His voice was smooth, with an edge. I felt more compelled to answer him than the other two. "I-I didn't know it was your territory. I'm sorry." I said. He studied me for a minute. "What are you?" "What?" "What are you? A rogue? A witch? Elemental?" I gulped again. "E-elemntal." His eyes went dark at my answer. He looked even angrier than before. "Why are you here?!" He shouted and I flinched. "I...needed a place to stay. I didn't know that this house belonged to anyone. I-" "Where is your Clan?" I looked down. I could lie. But then they would take me back to whichever Clan I named, and I'd be killed on the spot. "Don't ignore me! WHERE IS YOUR CLAN?!" He shouted even louder. I couldn't say anything. If I told them the truth, I didn't need to worry about any Clan because these guys would rip me apart. So I continued to look at the ground. He growled. "Kill her." My head shot up at his words. What the f**k? "What?!" "You refuse to answer my questions. That leaves me to assume you're an outcast on your own, or you've been banished for breaking the law. You're also on my territory, so I have the right to kill you anyways." He growled. I took a step back. What the f**k kind of pack were these guys from? Yes, I was on their territory, but I didn't think that deserved the death sentence. I hadn't done anything wrong. I was pissed. And I wasn't going down without a fight either. I called Earth and the ground started shaking. "Well that explains the trench. But your powers aren't going to get you out of this sweetheart." one of the blonde guys said to me. "Oh, it's more than just the earth." I said. One of the wolves took his chance and lunged at me. I brought up the earth in front of me and heard him collide with it. The wolf to my left growled and leapt. I called Wind and threw him into a tree with a thud. I called Fire and made a large fireball between my palms. I looked at the man who ordered my death. He looked shocked. "I don't want to hurt anyone. If you let me go, I'll leave and never come back. I don't want to kill anyone. I'm sure you don't either. Just let me leave." I begged him. He just stood there, staring at me. I'm sure they figured out who I was by now. Probably trying to figure out how to kill me, even with my powers. I really didn't want to kill anyone, but I would if it meant my survival. After a few agonizing minutes of silence, he held up hand, and ordered a stop to the attack. Everyone fell back into place. I didn't release Fire, I needed to be sure. "Nobody here is going to hurt you." He said. I just shook my head. He ordered my death not ten minutes ago. I wasn't taking his word this quickly. He sighed. "Ava." The shock of him hearing my name sent my fireball sizzling into nothingness in the air. I lost all concentration. I figured they knew who I was, but hearing my name caught me off guard. Especially the way he said it. Almost... gently. "You know who I am then." I said. "Yes, I know who you are. What I'm having trouble understanding is how you're alive." He replied. I felt the confusion on my face. His next words made my mind go completely blank. "Ava, you're supposed to be dead. According to reports I have, you died two years in a fire. As far as the world knows, you no longer exist." I stared at him blankly. If he was trying to get me to drop my guard, good on him, because he definitely succeeded. "What the f**k are you talking about?" I asked sharply. "We have a report from last year about a house you were staying in being set on fire. According to the details in that report, they recovered your body. Of course, the body was unrecognizable, but they assumed it belonged to you. Like I said, everybody thinks your dead." Man he didn't beat around the bush. I thought back to my old place, and the day of the fire. Then my eyes widened, and I started laughing. The six of them looked at me like I was crazy, even the wolves, but I didn't care. The world thought I was dead. I was essentially free. Nobody had come to look for me, because they thought there was nobody to look for. Best news ever! The gorgeous man spoke again. "Ava, you can't continue to stay here." That sobered me up. "Why? If nobody is looking for me..." "Because this is still my property, and this house is used for recon missions, a base, and for steakouts too. We need it, and you'd be in unnecessary danger if it was attacked by our enemies." I hadn't thought of that. Either way, I had to leave. "Okay. Can I grab some clothes and food to take with me at least?" He shook his head. "Everything you need will be provided for you." I blinked at him. "What? What do you mean?" "You can't stay here, but I'm not going to throw you out on your own either. You're coming to stay with me, with my pack."
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