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Thanks for choosing my story to read.  This is the first novel I've written as an adult, and it sets the foundation for the rest of the Silver Moon Series.  Each story in the series is different in own it's way, but you will see a lot of the same beloved characters in them.   Andrea     I was huddled in the safe room of our pack house with the rest of the she-wolves, elderly, and pups. It had been three hours since the fighting had begun, because of an unexpected group of rogue wolves, who attacked our pack. The rest of my family members were fighting in the battle.     My dad was the Beta of our pack with my mum being the strongest female warrior, and my brother, Anton, training to be the next Beta. My best friend Jada and her mum, Jeannie, were in the safe room with me, since Jeannie was pregnant and couldn't fight.     Jada's dad, Jake, was the Gamma of our pack, and he was also fighting in the battle with the rest of the warriors. They were all extremely strong warriors capable of defending themselves and our pack, the Forest Pack.     At first, I wasn't too worried, but as more of the she-wolves doubled over in pain holding their chests, I became more scared as time went by. I didn't understand what was happening until Jeanie grabbed my hands and pulled me to her.     She explained to us why the she-wolves were experiencing the pain because of losing their mates in the battle. It was scary to know how much pain losing a mate could cause, but it is totally worth the pain, to feel the love that accompanies the mate bond.     After another two hours, we finally heard a knock on the door. The room fell silent, while we waited for the announcement letting us know it was safe.     A second later, Alpha Damien shouted "It's safe! Open the door!"     In no time, Jeannie was at the door unlocking the many locks. As soon as the door opened, Alpha Damien, Gamma Jake and my brother, Anton, rushed into the safe room.     Right away, my brother embraced me with his strong arms and hugged me tighter than usual. After a few seconds, Anton pulled back and cupped both of my cheeks in his big, strong hands. I studied his dark blue eyes, seeing so many emotions swirling through them, it left me utterly stunned. After a few seconds, he quietly choked out "Andrea, I am so sorry."     I was so confused by my brother's sudden apology, and by the fact that my parents hadn't joined us yet. I started thinking of all the things that could be keeping my parents from being there at that moment before I apprehensively asked, "Where is mum and dad?"     He looked at me heartbroken and said the words I least expected to hear, "They fell in battle, Andrea. They are with the Moon Goddess now."     Right away, my head started spinning. All I could think was they couldn't be dead. I started shaking my head no, trying to forget what I just heard my brother say. He grabbed my shoulders to get my attention, but that caused me to let out a blood-curdling scream in total anguish.     Within seconds, the light bulbs in the room started bursting. The entire room fell silent again. The dizziness became overwhelming, leading to me slipping into a state of unconsciousness, as my brother lifted me up, and started carrying me away. In no time, I fell completely unconscious. Jesse     It had been exactly one week since my fourteenth birthday, and the day of my first shift. Most wolves shift at the age of fourteen, unless they are from an alpha bloodline or royal bloodline. Since I came from a Beta bloodline, I shifted at the age of fourteen, and today was the day I officially started training. I was really excited to train and learn new skills that I would be able to use while helping our pack.     I was walking to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water before I headed to the training grounds when I heard my mum scream out in pain. Without hesitation, I ran in the direction of her scream came.     Within seconds, I found her curled up in a ball on the sitting room floor, clutching her chest while uncontrollably crying. I ran to her, and pulled her into my embrace, as I knelt down in front of her and asked, "Mum, what is wrong? What hurts?"     She choked back a few more sobs before looking me straight in the eyes. I couldn't focus on what emotion she was experiencing, because I saw so many negative emotions floating around in her violet eyes.     She eventually choked out "Son, I am so sorry, but something terrible has happened. I do not know why or how, but I know your dad is no longer with us." As soon as the last word left her mouth, she began sobbing again from the pain she was experiencing.     At first, confusion took over, because of me not understanding why she was in so much physical pain. We had lost many loved ones, but never had I seen her in pain like this.     Emotional pain, yes. I felt pain every time we lose a loved one. However, that moment was the worst emotional pain I had ever felt in my life. Suddenly, it dawned on me... this pain was caused by the loss of her one and only mate.     Deciding a mate was not worth the pain you experience upon losing them, I vowed to never fall for mine. Sure... I used to want a mate, with all the love I had seen between my parents. But after seeing my mum like this, I couldn't fathom the thought of subjecting myself to so much unnecessary pain.     After fifteen minutes of consoling my mum, I heard the front door slam open. Alpha Drake was shouting orders left and right, but I couldn't focus on anything being said at the moment. After he finished shouting orders, I felt his aura enter the sitting room.     He was quick to pull me and my mum into a tight embrace, then he held us while we both cried for a few minutes. After he released us from his embrace, Alpha Drake sympathetically mumbled, "I am so sorry about your loss. Jesse once you get your mum settled down, please come to my office. There are many things we need to discuss."     Right away, I nodded and gave a small bow to show my respect, before pulling my mum back into my embrace. As soon as Alpha Drake left the room, my mum pulled away and whispered, "I am too tired. I think I need to rest for a bit".     I was quick to pick her up, then I carried my mum up the stairs and to her room. Luckily, my mum had always been a petite she-wolf, and I had been working out with my dad for years. He started training me for the Beta position when I turned eight. Therefore, I was a lot stronger in my human form, than most wolves my age.     As soon as I laid her down, she grabbed my dad's pillow, clutching it against her chest, as she inhaled his scent still lingering on it. She began to softly cry again, so I sat on the edge of the bed, and just rubbed her back to comfort her. Once she fell asleep, I left her room and walked to Alpha Drake's office, hoping to receive some answers.
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