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I was taught to live my life with a purpose, a set goal of mine, and to race towards it knowing that when I got to the destination, my destiny, everything would unfold the way it was meant to be. A prophecy, I knew prophecies well. My life was made around one, and I wasn’t entirely surprised to find in the end, just like everyone else I love, I was just as tangled in the webs of a prophecy as everyone else has always been. There’s always a villain, a path of destruction that the hero must overcome. I was taught that all of the bad was over and done with. Whether it was an alliance of kingdoms, or the world surrounded in love and peace finally united all of the species under the love of the Kings and the Queens of each species, I was taught that everything was finally finished. Though in the end, there’s always a villain, there’s always a destiny, there’s always a prophecy. I never thought it would be mine, though. I never thought I’d be part of this web, this glowing web of prickles and heartbreak, this web of interlocking prophecies and world-shaking results. In a blink of my eyes, I was found in an entirely new perspective, and it was okay…because of him. The power to cross dimensions, to race through the galaxies, to open doors to places no one would ever understand, ever comprehend. Who knew that in all of the dimensions, I would find you? I wonder, if there’s a you and I in all the dimensions. Are they together? Did they manage to find each other? Were we even meant to be? I have to believe late at night when I’m laying there staring at the stars, that somewhere, some way, in some dimension, there’s a you staring at a me, and they’re happy. I have to believe that no matter how sad I am now, no matter how much it hurts, there’s a me somewhere out there smiling, because that me…is holding that you. I never really thought I could be jealous of myself, but right now, at this moment, I was. Burning hot jealousy racing through every particle of my being, jealous of the me that was able to hold the you of that dimension, that time, that space. When we met, it was like a symphony. I had no idea back then that you’d become this important to me, and now…I can’t even imagine what life would be like without you. It’s hard to lay here next to you, knowing there will be a time that you’re not next to me. But in the end, we both have our destinies, we both have our stories. In the end, it’s not our love story, it’s just a story of love. A story filled with anger, determination, surprise, and heartbreak. But of course, there was love. For you, there was always, always going to be love.
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